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Enduro choices

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I've been looking to get a good allround ski - mainly a fast, energetic carver for groomed pistes but I also want it to perform well off-piste. Now I narrowed the choices down to the 2012 Salomon XT 800 (175 cm) or XT 850 (170 cm) (other suggestions are welcome!). I'm 5"7, 150 lbs. 


Would the 850 be too stiff for a guy my size?

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...or would any of these be better suited?


Völkl rtm 80/84
Blizzard Magnum 8.1
Atomic Blackeye
K2 Rictor
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I'm 5'7" (ok technically 5'6.5"), 140lbs, rented the Enduro XT 800 twice in a 168cm. Didn't feel the need to go longer, would be too much for me to handle in bumps and scary in the trees.

The shop guy similar size/weight skied both 800 and 850, liked the 800 better than the 850 which he said is for heavier guys.

I had fun using the XT 800 finding them very easy to get up on edge and predictable at various turn shapes. Was effortless to go from shorter turns to longer GS types. Some may find it to polite and thus boring, i was content on them. Float was ok for 79mm underfoot, probably due to the softish shovel/rocker though not quite up there with the wider 88mm Kastle BMX88 i tried. It was noticeably easier and quicker edge to edge then the 88. The Kastle BMX88 was downright terrible on steep boilerplate, i couldn't get the edges to bite, dropped like a rock down the fall line, very disappointing. 

I'm also interested in the '12/'13 early rise Vokol Kendo, and flip core Blizzard 8.0 and 8.5's. I think the Kendo/rocker 89mm waist may be the happy medium for me only i really liked the 168cm length which falls between the Kendo's 163cm that is probably to short or 170cm which may be to long for me. 



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i'm your size too exactly.


I've skied K2rictor in 167, "older" blackeye in 164, rtm84 in 171.

I think they all should be great skis.


K2rictor should be able to be found cheap since it is a couple years old, and cheap to begin with even new.  There should be a pretty good used demo supply of them too (keep an eye on powder7). 


I personally am thinking of taking a look at blizzard 8.5 next year in 167


My advice is length is important as you said you were looking at 170 or 175 which is 1 size higher then what i am looking at.  The rtm84 in 171 was too long in terms of I couldn't get enough weight into the edge to keep it in the carve versus skipping out, compared to the other skis I tried.  I dunno, only 4cm longer than the rictors so I would've thought it shouldn't have made that big of a difference. 


So really do take that into consideration and avoid making a purchasing mistake of getting a ski that is too long.  I don't have any ego in terms of thinking getting longer ski means i'm more expertz.

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did somebody test the elan amphibio 88 xti?

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Thanks, I'll probably look for something below 170 cm then. I was recommended the 800 in 175 cm by the guy in my store, but that could be cause that was the only length they had left in stock :) 850 for heavier guys, I suspected that might be the case...

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Iam 5"10, 190lbs , and skied the 800 and 850 , I would recommend the 800 in a 175 or  shorter .

I liked the 800 but  a bit boring   for a guy my size . the 850 in in a 177 was great but took a bit of work getting in the shorter turns .

Iam actually torn between the 8.5 ti and the 850. I understand that the are very similar with the blizzard  being a tiny bit more versatile offpiste

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