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Nordica Girsish 2012 review

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Title:Nordica Girish 2012 review


Length Tested: 185

Dimensions/Turn Radius: 139 - 110 - 129  26M radius

Camber (select one, delete the rest): Early Rise tip with regular camber.

Binding: Marker Griffon

Mount point: Suggested 


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test:Fernie Alpine Resort

Number of Runs:20 or so over two days

Snow Conditions:You name it, pretty much everything from powder, packed powder, groomed, rain soaked powder and refrozen death cookies, wet mank and everthing in between

Demo or Own:Own


Tester Info:



Height/Weight: 5'8" 220 lbs

Ski Days/Season: 40 or 50

Years Skiing: 36

Aggressiveness: (select one, delete the rest):  Aggressive(Driver) 

Current Quiver: Volkl Mantra, Head im 82 monster, Volkl Gotama (rockered)

Home Area:Fernie, BC

Preferred Terrain (select one, delete the rest): off-piste



   I picked these skis up at a blowout sale for basically half price, without demoing them first, so they were a bit of a gamble. As I found out, the gamble paid off!  I was looking for a soft snow ski to replace my rockered Gotamas (which have been a huge disappointment) with something more stable and versatile.  I had been asking around at various ski shops whether someone made a fatter ski that was like the Volkl Mantra (which I love) with a slight early rise tip.  Several people had turned me on to the girish and mentioned that it would be discontinued next year.  When I saw some, for cheap, I snapped them up.  So, on to the review.

  Day 1

  These are a fairly bomber looking ski with two metal sheets , wood core , stiff with a fairly straight sidecut.  I was expecting a beast, but I got a gentle giant, as it turns out. Even though it was a powder day, I took a long groomer to warm up and get used to the new planks.  The first thing I noticed about these skis is that they feel a lot lighter on the snow than they do on the chair.  For a big ski with a rockered tip, they just feel really "normal" and respond to being driven from the front and carve very well. You notice the tip rocker but it's easy to get used to. They seem a lot turnier than the 26m radius would suggest.  In the middle of the run I deeked into some rough stuff on the side of the trail and they just bulldozed it. Cool.

  The second run was a skinny lift line with lots of cut up pow.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the skis quite nimple and quick through  the tight stuff.  The last 100metres were a figure 11 to the lift through the bumps. Again,the ski is burly and stable it was easy. 

Later in the day I met up with some young friends who like to go fast and did a lot of runs with them over the afternoon.  These things have no speed limit. They just suck up everything and crush it!  Steep powder chute , so much fun! Bumped up crud, no problem at all.  Rain crust, what rain crust?  These were absolutely the most confidence inspiring skis I have ever been on,  all while being able to jam a lot of tight turns in if needed.  They were even more bomber than the 190 Katanas I used to ski, without being as heavy and unwieldy. 

 The next day brought rain and heavy mank,  and the skis actually made it fun.  Such a good ski for rough conditions.


Conclusion: These are really great skis that reward solid technique but won't bite you too badly if you are asleep at the wheel.  Not for the "skid and slarve" crowd, but nice for people who make turns on edge. Bend 'em and send 'em!

Pros:Super stable, good in a lot of conditions, carves well for a big ski. Ram through anything : these skis are downright disrespectful towards crud. If you like a fairly traditional ski, you will love these. The 185 length seemed lots long enough, there is a 190something for the big and tall crowd.


Cons: Heavy. You would have to be Paul Bunyan to tour with these.  They do feel a lot lighter on the snow, though.  The topsheet graphic is somewhat "vomitous".  Some might like it. Discontinued next year! Get em while they are hot, there are probably lots out there. The shop I bought mine at had several pairs and hadn't sold any all year. Put the blame on the popularity of "fun-shape" skis I guess. 




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Nice Review!

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Just a quick follow up on my previous review : Got the Girish out for a full on powder day today.About 15-20 overnight, blown-in areas even more. Lots of powder in the bowls that have been closed a couple days.  These skis are super nice and floaty in the powder and are very easy to turn. Again  I was amazed by how maneuverable such a big ski could be.  They really come alive in some deep stuff.  Not even a thought of tip dive and easy to initiate.  When I got back to the lower, warmer part of the mountain they again killed the crud and were even kinda fun in the bumps.  I exited the bowl onto a big groomer that was all cut up warm dense snow and the skis carved big smooth arcs without the slightest trouble. Nice.  This is the most fun I have ever had on a big ski, hands down.

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^yep - I sold mine for Cochise, not upset about that, but like the Girish a tad more i think.  Great ski and if I could find some w/ great deal would buy them.

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