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New Season Goal

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Ok, I know I announced that I was going to do the Thomson Bike Tours Trans Dolomites Challenge.  However, they rejected my bike, and also refused it for the Pyrenees ride as well.  As a result, I thought about switching to a diamond frame, but the tour is expensive, I enjoy riding my carbon fiber recumbent, and why alter what I ride just to meet the criteria of the tour organizer?  So, I'm not going to Europe for cycling this year.  Instead, I need a new season goal.


I thought about what to do for a while.  Like most of February.  When the snow was falling in Colorado, and there seemed to be no reason to set a goal.  In fact, I kind of thought that I might not set a goal at all, and simply ride when I thought about it.  But there's the extra 15 pounds that I thought I should lose over the winter (not much progress on that front), and the temptations that come along that leads to backsliding in your lifestyle (and weight).  So, I signed up for the Ride the Rockies lottery just because it would provide an option.


I was selected for Ride the Rockies.  That prompted me to think about what I really wanted to do.  Ride the Rockies is a step down from my previous cycling efforts:  two Bicycle Tours of Colorado.  And it is a point to point course, with the logistical challenges that that poses.  I've riden much of the course in a previous BTC.  And my buddy is going to Italy, and won't be available for RTR.  So I cancelled.


So what to do?  While I've managed to make a fair amount of progress as a cyclist, I'm still a weak climber.  My buddy will be training for the insane Italy trip (52,000 feet of climbing over 360 miles in 7 days).  Perhaps I should try to step my cycling up this year by working on my climbing.  That probably also means I have to really get serious about taking those 15 pounds off.


So, I set a nutso goal.  I've signed up for the Double Triple Bypass in July.  The Triple Bypass is an iconic ride.  Originally, it was one way from Evergreen to Avon Colorado, 120 miles, with a bit more than 10,000 feet of climbing over three passes:  Juniper Pass, Loveland Pass, and Vail Pass.  Last year the started offering the ride in reverse, or you can combine the two for a "double."


I'm not sure what the maximum amount of climbing is that I've done in a day, but it is probably right around 8-9k.  My longest ride has been 112 miles, relatively flat, although I reversed it the next day.  So, this will be a definite step up for me.  Supposedly Day Two is pretty hard.  Most folk have a tough time getting the legs to open up over Vail Pass, and VP is tougher going West to East.  The other part is that the climb up Juniper Pass starts at mile 90.


So, wish me luck.  Anyone want to join me?  In the alternative, what's your season goal?



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Deer Creek Challenge is harder (much harder imo) than either direction of the triple...but doing both days sounds like a challenge.


How'd you get in..I thought it sold out in minutes?


No big goals this year...just enough riding to stay in decent shape.  I've got a new hunting dog to train so won't have time for long rides.  


My goal is to shoot a boatload of hungarian partridges, pheasants, sharptails and ducks over my new dog come fallbiggrin.gif

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I hope this is done in two days. If it's 240 miles in one day, that's nutso.

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Dave, that sounds like fun. No BTC this year?

Epic, yep, it's two days. My cycling coach has trained folk for a one-day double, but no one has completed the task. I'm not convinced I can complete the two day version, but it's given me a big goal for training...

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I'm going to Costa Rica for most of June so no BTC....I'm sure I'll miss it briefly though while watching the sunset over the pacificwink.gif

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