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Anything left to ski "near" Boston (weekend of Mar 17-18)?

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Oh gosh, this has been such a great learning season for me but I skied so much less due to the weather, and now I'm regretting not going out a bit more earlier. Just looking Wachusetts' webcam brings back horrid nightmares I have from time to time, the one where the snow melts to the ground as I ski and I end up clipping out and walking back to the ... and then I wake up.


The farthest north I'm willing to drive for a one-day trip is Attitash, though I'm not sure I can hoof even that distance. Is there any hope for the weekend (Sunday in particular) for mountains between here and there?

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Crotched in Bennington NH is scheduled to be open.  As of today, all groomed trails are open.  They are closed tomorrow but will reopen Saturday and Sunday.

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Avoid Wachusett this weekend.


Cannon, Loon, and Bretton Woods are pretty full of snow (not sure about Waterville Valley, which is in the same area).  Take 93 north to each of these; it's a nice easy drive.  Enjoy warm weather and soft snow!


If you are going to wait until Sunday, remember things will have melted more by then, so check the trail reports Saturday evening.  Skiing on Saturday is a better bet.  Or even tomorrow, Friday, before the sun comes out for the weekend and the crowds hit the trails.


In any event, all three of these mountains have decent snow right now.  Loon maybe has the most, but they get the biggest crowds, and that affects what you ski more than you think.

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I think Waterville will be fine this weekend, though next weekend might be rough, with these temps.  My plan is Cannon Saturday and Waterville Sunday.  If you PM me your number and we end up at Cannon the same day, I might be able to pass a voucher in your direction.  Right now I've got more vouchers than people.

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If you can make it up to Jay Peak (Sat.) and Stowe (Sun.) there's going to be a ton of fellow Bears there. Its the weekend of the 2012 EpicSki Eastern Gathering

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Thanks all for the recommendations and offers! I'll cross my fingers for this weekend: I can't make it out Saturday now, so Sunday is my only option. I'd like to go to Stowe then, but probably can't convince the missus to sit in a car for 7 hours round-trip! Not sure if I can even convince myself ....


I may have to ask again for the following weekend which unfortunately is the first time I have the whole weekend free to drive as far as I want. But probably no amount of finger-crossing will produce skiable hills then, unfortunately.


Thanks again, this was very helpful.

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I skied Attitash this past Tuesday and Wednesday and they had good snow and were 100% open except for the glades.   The steeper runs on the front of Canon looked pretty bad when we drove by but I am not sure how the rest of the mountain is.   Bretton Woods seems to get slushy faster than some of the other local mountains and the west side looked like it was hurting.   We were at Jay Peak last week and they had a lot of snow so they also seem to be a good bet if you can take the drive.   The South peak at Loon also looked pretty thin.

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Don't wait.  Just don't.  There will be way too much brown by then.

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