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Cork duration for overlays

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How does one tell when a cork has ended its useful life? I have found that with the compressed fluoro "pastes" and the combo wax/fluoro overlays like Butter, the cork becomes somewhat slick very quickly. As the purpose is to generate heat with the cork, a slick cork would seem not to be as useful as a cork that does not slide easily. Maybe that does not matter, I don't really know. Assuming it does, how long does a cork typically last?   Corks are not expensive but I'd rather not go through 20 of them in a winter either.

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Have you tried roughing up your corks with sand paper?


You can use polishing cork with a felt pad glued onto it.




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A cork should last quite a while.  It will become glazed, but it can easily be freshened up with a sand paper, using something between 60 and 150 grit.  Just make sure to remove any abrasive off the cork at the end.  Rubbing it against the palm of your hand, you'll feel when all the abrasive is gone.


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I always thought that the cork lost it's useful life when the wine started leaking out th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Sandpaper works....but an old brass brush works better.

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Thanks, I'll give the brass brush a try and then sandpaper as a backup.

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