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Excercise problems

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I was wondering if any of you or acquaintances of you all have ever suffered anaphylactic shock or airway compromise during exercise? This is a rare condition which usually takes place when the weather is warm and happens to some individuals if they exercise shortly after they eat something. It can be life-threatening and the symptoms can be reversed by epinephrine injections.
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the symptom you describe is usually and specifically food or toxin related (bee sting, or insect bite) If it happens after eating and then exercising, I would suspect the food first. Maybe a very slight case of food alergy that the reaction is sped up by exercise. Exerting yourself will cause what ever you are alergic to, to be distributed through the body faster. (increased blood flow...) Sounds rare indeed. Even rarer still I understand is being alergic to your own sweat. can you imagine that. "I can't exercise because if I sweat I break out in hives"

In answer to your question, No I don't know of anyone with those specific symptoms. I'm mildly alergic to Tapioca and just try not to take chances with it.....
In Canada where Tapioca starch is cheaper than corn starch, I really have to be careful.
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Yes, yes, yes! Unfortunately I know more about this than I'd like to, having been hospitalized for this a few times to many. Its usually a combination of things that would bring this on; certain foods, toxins in the air, even certain clothing dyes {I can't sweat in burgandy}, and women are sometimes more suscepible during their periods.
When I was living in NYC, and working for a very well known and very tacky national fitness chain, a maintenance worker sprayed a highly toxic glass cleaner on the mirrors while I was teaching step in an unventilated room. The results were disasterous!
Eventually, you develop an awareness of all the factors that could cause this, and you just try not to have any 2 of them present while exercising.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Actually, there is an entity called food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis. It has only recently been described and characterized, so I don't think that there is much known about it. My understanding is that it is pretty uncommon/rare.

A friend of mine developed angioedema (not anaphylaxis, but generalized swelling) after eating and exercise. Apparently shrimp may have been the trigger in her case. She is going to undergo a "shrimp challenge" in a few weeks by an allergist (sounds like something on "Iron Chef", doesn't it?). Her instructions were to "bring one boiled shrimp" to the appointment.
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