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Another link on the diesel 8-speed

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I hate SUVs but sign me up!


I will someday soon be scrapping my '99 GC, and I'll probably be done with the Trailblazer in a few years. This thing would be a fantastic replacement. Gobs of torque to make the mountain passes effortless, 30 mpg with a 730 mile range, great ground clearance, and a 7400 lb towing capacity? This sounds like the perfect mountain vehicle!


If only I could afford the new GC diesel alongside an Audi A4 Avant, I'd be all set. biggrin.gif


I will have to wait until I can afford them tho, when they're quite used. No biggie tho. I can wait.

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I'm liking this truck....ALOT


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I'm not a Ram fan, but it's pretty sweet they're putting the same diesel V-6 in the new Ram for the same 30 mpg! Insane to me that a big pickup so powerful can get the same mpg as my old Mazda 3 hatchback.


However, I still would never want a pickup truck as my daily driver in the mountains. I see trucks sliding around waaaay to often, even with good tires and weighing down the rear end a bit. The new GC could be quite the mountain goat! (I'm hoping)

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Used Escape Hybrid AWD if you looking to save money on soon to be $5 gallon gas.   Consistently got 30 mpg per tank. Studless Nokian snows on it, unstoppable.


After that, the Subaru's Crosstrak is 28 mpg, Forester 27, Outback 26.   On cargo space, Crosstrak is 22, Forester 32, Outback 34.   Turning radius is 34 for the Forester and CrossTrak, 36 on the Outback.  CrossTrak is probably the best bargain with highest mileage, lowest price.

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