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The lastest report...Orange hammergel-ick!!!! not a fan! Weird taste!
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Minker, Astrochimp,
Based on your recommendations I plan to order some Hammer Nutrition stuff asap. One of you want the referral? Email me at balew@att.net.

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Give the credit to the chimp, since it was he who got us all started on the stuff!

P.S. the banana is really good!

Deep yogic breaths...
~Minker <FONT size="1">

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Minker, Thanks for the update, Banana sounds great!! Chimp, email me your info and I'll put you on my order for the referral.

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I bought an order and it arrived this week. I did my long run today and took 12 ounces. Call it placebo, or call it whatever but the stuff helps.

I should have done the referral.....sorry!
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Had another good experience with the stuff today. Went out for my "short" run today and almost didn't take any goo. Felt great when I set out. Thought I would pass out thirty minutes later. Drank 2 tablespoons that I had mixed with 4 oz of water. Felt much better in five to ten minutes. Could be placebo, but, I don't seem to think so. I felt really bad and then felt fine.
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