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Power Goo

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You know the Power Bar type things that come in a little pouch and are called Goo (Gu?)? If you know what I am talking about, you know they taste more or less...gross.

Has anybody found one that tastes ok or even tastes good?? I need to find a protein pack, can't be in solid form (no Power Bars, Luna bars etc.) That I can stick in my pack/pocket and drink with water while I am out an about on the trail etc, that won't melt or spoil and be inedible. Needs to be high protein and have some carbs but more protein than carbs. I've been to a few stores, but most of the people have never tried too many of them and can't compare.

If anyone knows of any particular kind that taste good, please let me know.

(oh, and I know these things are very personal based on taste, so I don't like most energy bars, not even the chocolate ones. Big fan of the Lemon Zest and Orange Zest Luna Bars)

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There are so many new ones out, it's hard to keep track. I used Gu a lot when I was racing tris but only liked the chocolate. It had a coffee taste to it that I liked.

I hear the Clif version (Clif Shot?) is the best tasting but "best" compared to other gels isn't saying much. I've tried them but can't remember much about them.
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Thanks Dangerbaby,
Have you tried any of them? I have had the power gel. It's toooo sweet. The vanilla is like cake frosting. Also very messy when it's warm.

I really hate to spend money on them and not be able to stomach them. They are sooo expensive, it's a shame to waste the $$$ .
Why is it so tough to make tasty ones? we've engineered tofu into just about every flavor in the book, how hard could it be to make good goo?
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MMMM, chocolate Gu, Good stuff. Sticky fingers and jerseys though.

My wife got a little bottle of "Hammer Gel" that is refillable. Haven't tried the stuff as I am too cheap to eat that unless I'm racing or in a bonk.

Honey shooters in a tube anyone? Much cheaper and perhaps as effective.


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Honey shooters in a tube??
tell me more.
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I get an aftertaste from that rice syrup that they use in Clifshot that I don't like. I can't recommend it from that standpoint. I prefer the vanilla Gu. Tastes like pudding just don't look at it. A whole flask of it? The flasks I've seen are clear. I don't want to see that much of this stuff. You just want to eat it. DO NOT LOOK AT IT. The chocolate is the most normal I suppose since it is brown. Triberry is nasty. Powergel makes double hit gel with extra caffine that will get you up an going if you do OK with caffine.

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Honey Shooters in a Tube - would be grabbing on of those refillable gel containers (bike and running shops) and filling it with honey. Haven't tried it myself, but it seems like a cheap way to get the simple sugars in you without dealing with the wrappers and cost of gu or gel.


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It ain't gel, but RED BULL comes in an easy to carry 8 oz can and can be downed in a hurry. It is part of my pre-ski and pre-mountain bike ride ritual.
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Consuming protein during athletic activity has no benefit. Protein should be consumed right after partaking in sport, to help with muscle repair etc. During activity, water, sugars and salts are the required nutrients. The performance gains by using Power Gels will out weigh the taste. Sugars are sweet, and so therefore are Power Gels. I use Power Gels exclusively for energy during sustained activity, and drink Gatorade, Revenge, and/or water as well. If I know the pace will be hot from the gun, or if I'm still feeling sore and tired from a previous day, a can of Red Bull works for me. I got used to the taste of Power Gel (strawberry banana mostly, since Costco has it for 1/2 the cost of bike stores), but the texture... Ugh!!. There's a reason we call it 'Boy-in-a-bag'.
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ewww BetaRacer, niiiice image. grrrrr-ossss!

Actually, there is a method to my protein maddness. I have been seeing a sports nutritionist and she said that, because I tend to get lightheaded when I am really active, especially if it's very warm outside, if I can't stop and eat before my bloodsugar crashes and I bonk, I have to carry protein. The high sugar and caffeine options make my bloodsugar shoot up so high that I get shaky and then I crash 20 minutes later anyway. She said to take string cheese, but...I can't imaging running around in the hot sun for a few hours then whipping out the string cheese. The only other good protein suggestions she offered are peanut butter, which doesn't hold up well and cottage cheese, yogurt or sliced turkey, none of which sound at all appetizing after being in the heat for a prolonged time.

Again I ask the powers that be, why is it so hard to engineer up some tasty gu?

Deep yogic breaths...
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lets see. Honey, wheat germ, and peanut butter. aproximatly equal amounts and maybe some toasted sesame seed. (as part of the wheat germ quantity) mixed well and put in a "bag". Peanut butter is usually ok for a day out of the fridge in heat, Honey no problem and wheatgerm/sesame. no problem. And it tastes pretty good too.
Does that work?
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As always dchan..I really should just

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don't know if I want to have to live up to that.
I just remember having that combo when I went Hiking a lot as a kid. In the morning they would be little round munchies that came out of the fridge. as the day grew hot and long, we would cut the corner of the ziploc or baggie and just squeeze it out of the bag or suck it out. you can always adjust the balance of peanutbutter and honey to get the right sweetness/saltyness for you.
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Nothing like working up a good sweat, breathing heavy and trying to choke down some peanut butter. Try some peanut MM's or even a snickers - nuts have protein but most of all they taste good - and because they taste good you may fake out your tummy to send messages to your head that things are under control and there is no need to get lightheaded. That's just my opinion - I'm no nutritionist - but having been out there on the road for three or four hours sucking down various drinks and bars consisting of nuts and twigs I have found that a familiar food does a lot to make you feel better. Maybe it's not a supercharged engineered energy food, but it may help. For reference look at what the guys in the long bike tours have in their musset bags. In addition to the requisite sponsor donated bars and gels they usually have a turkey sandwhich or some cake. Not exactly stuff you can carry - but the regular candy bar may work.
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Mink, at the fitness expo at the IDEA Conference in SF, the vendors often have samples of the different "goo". If I see anything interesting, I'll make a collection for you when we meet for drinks.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Your rock chica!
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Power Gel made by Hammer Nutrition tastes good and has no simple sugars so there is no spike/crash in blood sugar levels.

I use their powder drink mix,Sustained Energy, for the same reason. It tastes like potato flakes but I have gotten used to it. You can mix in some gel for flavor.

I've done two 100k enduro mtn bike races that lasted 6+ hours. I could not even chew solid food due to heat and effort. I used the gel and the drink mix and they got me through each time.

They also have a good soy protein recovery drink and many supplements. I use Enduro Caps and Cardio Caps, which I believe allow me to train longer at higher levels.

If those don't work for you try beef jerky and Mtn Dew. YeeHAW!!
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Funny, my nutritionist also said beef jerky. yeek.

Hey astro, I am going to order some of the sustained energy. Do you want the referral? I guess you get some points towards future purchases or something. email me at with your info and I'll be happy to put you in there.<FONT size="1">

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How about a cold beer and pork rinds.
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As I think more about it, I don't think I want to put something called goo in my mouth..

Wine class tonight. Rhone wines... Yummm
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jealous, yum yum.

I on the other hand, I am taking 2 bottles of Cab and leaving to go camping up in Yosemite for the next 4 days-right now!!

Have an awesome loooong weekend and I'll chat with y'all Tuesday!!!

Deep yogic breaths...
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Hey Astrochimp.
I got my package from hammergel ALREADY!!! I ordered it Tuesday and it came FedEx on Sunday??? Already impressed! They also sent me a sampler of banana, vanilla and chocolate gels. Will post a report after I try them. (And I am a VERY VERY picky eater)
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Excellent. They are good eh?

A friend and I were talking about a new goo. Combine spam and ranch dressing together in a blender. Oh yeah...

Another idea is to drink the fatty glistening matter that glazes canned hams. It'll warm up in your jersey pocket and be easy to guzzle.<FONT size="1">

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How does the goo taste?
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I haven't tried it yet. I will be sucking some down before power yoga tonight though.
Deep yogic breaths...

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I forgot to drink the gel last night. No report for you. I will try to remember tonight before I go for my workout though.

Deep yogic breaths...
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It tastes good! I'm hoping SkiMinker confirms this and I think she will. They have a batch of flavors. All are more tasty and less techno-tasting than Cliff Shot (like hypersugarjely. Oy!) and other singleserving packeted brands.

Hammernutrition/E-caps really seems to have their act together and make good stuff. I just ordered more cardio and enduro caps and a container of vanilla gel this morning.
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Results are in....
Not bad. I used the chocolate sample pack that they sent with my purchase and followed the directions, adding it to 4-8oz of water. I added it to 8oz. Kind of tastes like water with a hint of choclate. Completely tolerable. I actually did try some straight out of the packet and it was really good! Tasted just like chocolate, consistency was like slightly watered down Hershey's syrup. Now I don't know if it's the right flavor for me if I am drinking alot of it, but before a workout to have 8oz of water mixed with it, totally doable. I got plain and banana flavors as samples with my order of orange, so more flavors to try and report on. But so far, definitely better than any other goo-like products I have tried.

Now off to workout...

Back from the workout...feeling good. Not at all tired and could have definitely kept going, except I had to go back to work (damn job! Always getting in the way of having a life!!)

Liking the Hammergel.

Big thanks to Flying Monkey, um, er, I mean Astrochimp
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Good to hear!
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