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Originally Posted by Racer View Post

I have noticed just recently a 'No Straightlining Sign' on the Flap Jack run off Chair 11 at Vail.  Is this just a Vail Resorts thing?

Saw a few of these at Breck yesterday.


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Northstar has a few new signs as well.  They have a NO STRAIGHLINING sign in the Cascades area which is a very good place to remind people to tone it down. 

So, yeah, I think Vail Resorts is investing in new signage.  As MR said, its a good idea to remind people of their responsibility 


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Apparently opinions on the hill vary as much as here. Since the sign went up on Go Devil it's been stolen twice nonono2.gif


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Originally Posted by stevesmith7 View Post

Apparently opinions on the hill vary as much as here. Since the sign went up on Go Devil it's been stolen twice nonono2.gif


Which is childish, but its still ridiculous to have a sign like that on a black run that is not overly trafficked.  I think its reasonable to play speed police on green and blue runs- its not fun as a beginning skier to feel like you are getting buzzed by people going faster than you, and a lot of folks don't give enough space for what can be quite erratic skiing by a beginning skier. Double this for slow skiing zones- I've said several other places on this board that resorts should take pass pulling more seriously than it seems they do for people ignoring slow skiing zones and putting others at risk.


But this is different. Its labelled as a black run (a terriffically mild black, but still). It doesn't see much traffic at all. Making a blanket decision that people shouldn't go fast (and really, 50 MPH is not fast AT ALL for an empty, groomed run- My definition of what should be considered too fast, regardless of the person's level of control, is probably around 80 MPH) on an empty, advanced labeled run, is just stupid in my eyes.


Its not hard at all to avoid somebody at 50 mph, EVEN if they are down, and EVEN if there are limited sight lines. Even a full grown person fully splayed out doesn't take more than 8 feet, and changing course by 8 feet at speed requires little more than a twitch, even with limited sight lines. I'm not saying people should be going full bore downhill crazy into blind corners, but 50 mph is NOT THAT FAST.


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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post

Yes, lots of people can ski in control at 50+ mph.


Being in control means being able to stop or turn to avoid objects and other skiers ahead of you (and beside you too for that matter).  I started out on GS racing skis and eventually switched to SG skis when they finally came along, and skied those almost exclusively and at mostly 50+ mph for many years with no collisions.  It's more fun to fly over rollers when you're going faster, but so is making high g turns at speed, so I alternate between lot's of turns and just barely turning.  I never take a blind jump or go around a blind corner too fast though.  You have to know when to go and when to go slow. You can't turn or stop in the air.


And don't give me that join the race team crap!  Not everybody wants to waste their time lining up to take their turn on the course, and some folks don't get enough of a reward from winning competitions to make the hassle worth while.  Free skiing is about freedom to just do it, without having to join a race club, get coaching, blah, blah, blah. 


Totally agree. One of my friends I ski with regularly at Northstar loves to go fast on the groomed black runs and I love playing the game of trying to keep up with him. My SkiTracks app claims we've done 50+ most groomer only days. We're always very in control, lots of nice tight and controlled turns, and having a blast. So far never been stopped by ski patrol and we only do it on blacks.

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Originally Posted by anachronism View Post


blah blah baloney blah blah ... but 50 mph is NOT THAT FAST.



Cruising for a Darwin Award on an open slope, are you Mr. Anachronism?  In many places, that's a crime.  A real one with a jail sentence and all.  For example, read the short excerpt below ... and compare skiing on open slopes at 50 mph with throwing snowballs at moving cars.  (I almost died 6 years ago when kids threw paint on my windshield as I drove under a bridge on Halloween, so that resonates strongly with me.)   If snowballs aren't your style, look at example 4, "high speed driving."  Close to home, no?


People are often surprised that we have crimes for conduct in which no one has been hurt or injured. They are quick to point out, well ... "no one got hurt so what did I do that was so wrong?"

It is the potential of substantial harm and risk that was created. One of these crimes is called "Reckless Endangerment." Sometimes it is included along (as an additional charge) with a charge of DWI, when the driver has a child in the car. Other real life practice examples:

1. throwing snowballs at moving cars
2. tossing furniture out of an apartment window
2. shooting off paint guns in your backyard (residential area with children present)
3. discharging your handgun into Lake Cayuga while drinking beer
4. high speed driving


Are you aware, Mr. Anachronism, that if you are ever involved in a 50+ mph accident on an open public slope, law enforcement will find your posts on this forum and they will play a role in what happens to you afterwards.  Especially if you are "in the industry." Sheer brilliance leaving stuff like this lying around.  Too late to change it; nothing ever vanishes completely from the 'net.



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You'll put your eye out!


Mr. Sharpedges must be a ski instructor; he seems to think anything over Golf Cart speed is grounds for a charge of reckless endangerment. wink.gif He probably thinks driving on a 10 mile straight stretch of 4 lane highway across the prairies with no other car in site at 116 kph is unsafe too. Maybe I'm wrong; he could be an RCMP traffic COP in Manitoba.


(nice troll btw)

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