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Vt, NH, ME trip

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With the warm weather, I am heading up to New England in the next few days for what looks like an end of the season (way too early) trip. If anyone knows of deals, cheap tickets, vouchers, etc. I'd appreciate hearing about them. I have a couple of definite spots on the agenda based on tickets/packages I have (Sugarloaf and Killington) but otherwise have an open calendar. I am trying to make this trip as frugal as possible.

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My info is a week old, but up in Maine I skied Saddleback, Sunday River and Mt. Abram between Mar 3-8.  Saddleback was in significantly better shape than the other two (including two 20 degrees powder days), although tons of terrain still open at SR.  I imagine the Loaf is still in relatively good shape, but the heat has set in everywhere since then dramatically.  Saddleback does liftopia for $40 per day.  Saddleback's regular Sunday window ticket price is only $49.  Go north, as far north as you can!smile.gif

I heard reports of good ski conditions at Mont Sainte Anne from lots of Canadians at SR, but that is one week old info. 

Also, Maine Roadhouse halfway between Loaf and SBK (~15 miles each way) worked for us, not fancy, but $20 per night with kitchen.

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Define next few days. There will be a "Gathering" happening in N VT Thursday - Sunday.

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Yes I know about the Gathering at Stowe and may be able to work things out to join you on Sunday, but my number one priority is to pick up new boots I ordered and then get some boot work done at Green Mountain Orthotics in Stratton as I have been developing two problems lately. So depending on logistics, "next few days" could start Friday, Sat, or Sunday and then run for a week (minimum), to two weeks (maximum) depending on conditions.

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Sounds fun. Good luck w the new boots.

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