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Boot Issues - The Last Resort

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I have resorted to posting my feet problems on this forum with hopes for some  guidance, advice or any input.  Over the past 2 years I have worked with my local boot fitter to try and get (2) pairs of boots to fit relatively comfortably and make me feel secure to manage the ski.


I have attached (2) pictures of my foot, the width is 106mm and currently I am in a Atomic Hawx 120 with Boot Doc liners.  The right foot is 1/2" smaller than the left and this has forced me to add a foam ankle support to keep me secure in the heal.  The boots have been stretched a bit near the front of the foot because I was feel a bit of squeezing pressures.  Currently my left foot is extremely sore under the foot where the arch is and I noticed this skiing longer runs at both Revelstoke and Kicking Horse.  I have custom orthotics in these ski boots with boot heaters and still suffer from cold feet.


Previously I was in an Atomic RS CT 130.  These boots have about 30 hours of work and we decided to scrap them.


I am driving my wife crazy and wanted to see what input or advice you guys have.  I am to the point where we feel that I am making up issues and possibly have an impossible foot to fit.  I get all my work done in Mont Tremblant and Daniel Lachance - reputable place.


I am not sure what causes the excruitiating pain under the foot.Ottawa-20120313-00057.jpgOttawa-20120313-00056.jpg

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how much flexion do you have at your ankle? if it is limited and you are loading the ball of the foot then that will cause the pain.... pretty difficult to tell much from the pictures that you have posted ...106mm is wide for a small foot but quitter narrow for a larger foot


what boot size are you in, how much space is there behind the heel in the shell check? 

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boot size is 27 and there is about 1.5 fingers of space on the right boot.  I have relatively good flex on the ankle but this is something that may be addressed.

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How long is your right (short) foot in cm or inches? (not in a shoe size please)


you describe the pain as being under your foot where the arch is---is this more to the front, center or rear of the arch?


do you notice gripping the boot with your toes?


supply a pic of your foot on your footbed when seated----take the shot from the medial (inside of foot).





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This was standing not seated, I did not read carefully.

Originally Posted by sharxy View Post



Hey Mike,


Right foot is 270mm and Left foot (problematic one) is 280mm and the pain is under the middle of the foot from the big toe ball close to the heel all the way to where the heal starts (so more in the centre and front.  I do use my toes in my boots when my feet do not feel secure and that tends to force me to tighten them more.


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     Get another foot bed, the one you have seems to only touch your arch in the rear in the pic. Your small foot will fit into a 26.0 shell the larger foot will need to have the liner and shell worked on to fit (this might not be possible in some brands of boots---shop around).  Learn how to shell fit in the WIKI "Which boot will work for me" at the top of ask the boot guy's. The boot is too big if you need to grip with your toes .


Thanks for the update


Do tighten the ankle buckle till it hurts then back off till it's as tight as it could be and be comfortable,  I have folks tell me there boot is tight because it's hard to close the buckles---it's not tight till it holds your ankle.  Tighten the upper buckle snugly and the power strap as tight as possible around only the liner and tongue inside the shell.



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Hey Mike,

Thank you for the continued insight. Worth a mention I have tried superfeet as of recent and experienced the same pain; I was out west in knee deep and needed a solution as quick as possible.

I had the insoles shown created by a pedorthist and will be having new insoles created by a podiatrist this time around.
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Tell your Podiatrist that the support you need is for your ski boots. Sometimes when a  rigid (stiff) insole is added to ski boots they can be uncomfortable to some skiers. The Podiatrist will check your windlass (Arch support) to see how much support you can accommodate. Good Luck

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Dito with everything else the other guys said.


Pictures can be deceiving however since your foot pronates so much there is a lot of tissue that is forced out to the side (see the photo I marked). I would stretch the shell in that (exact) area to allow for more room. I have to do this with my AT backcountry boots and have done this for many people in their Alpine ski boots.


If you do go with a smaller shell I assume you would need to allow for even more room.



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