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Dillion, Frisco or Silverthorne: Where to stay?

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We're a family of 6 (2 adult, 4 kids ages 11, 8, 3, 21mo) and are driving to CO from Chicago the last week of March.  We're looking to stay for 4 nights and will be spending the rest of the time in the Denver area.  The younger kids won't ski so one parent will be staying back with the little ones while the other 3 ski.  What are the pros and cons of staying in Dillion vs. Frisco vs. Silverthorne?  Thanks!

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Dillon & Silverthorne border on each other- Dillon has a proper downtown area while Silverthorne (and parts of Dillon) is sorta spread out along the highway.  They are closer to Keystone, A-Basin and Loveland and have the Outlet shops, Rec Center (pool), movie theater and bowling nearby.  


Frisco is 5 miles further from Denver and closer to Copper, Breckenridge, Vail and Beaver Creek.  The Main Street area, IMO, has more charm and independent shops than Dillon/Silverthorne and could provide a nice walk for the non-skiing parent/kids.  There is also the Peninsula which has tubing and Nordic skiing.  


The free Summit Stage bus service can be convenient depending on where you stay and not only goes to the 4 Summit ski areas, but also between Silverthorne & Frisco.  I think the most convenient routes are Frisco-Copper, Frisco-Breck and the Dillon part of the Silverthorne-Keystone/A-Basin route (as long as you are not too early in the route as it meanders a lot making a detour for Dillon Valley. 

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Do you know which ski areas you will be skiing?  Will it be advantageous for you to be able to take the free summit stage shuttle bus to ski so remaining parent can keep the car to go shopping, sight seeing, etc?  As MEfree30 implies, some locations are more convenient for access to shuttle bus stops and direct routes to ski areas. 


Two specific first hand examples I can cite for good access to Copper Mtn:  Frisco Lodge, in center of town of Frisco with shops and restaurants easy walking distance, two blocks to shuttle stop with quick 15 minute direct trip to Copper Mtn. Stay at Ramada Limited Frisco, costs less than Frisco Lodge, about $70 per night, across street from shuttle stop and even quicker access to Copper, but in more of a comercial/highway location. 


Since you are relatively large family staying in motels may not work for you and condos could be better.  Try VRBO.com for good deals, particularly if you will be skiing Keystone.  Could be something slopeside within your budget at Keystone at that timeframe.  As you know, slopeside is hugely beneficial for young families if you can swing the price differential.  Arapahoe Basin is near Keystone and offers lower cost skiing via liftopia.com.   Also, check with MEfree30 to see about availability at his rental property in Summit County for possible excellent deal.

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I've rented condos in all three locations and agree pretty much with what has been said.  Most recently I've been renting in Dillon.  Like the easy access to Keystone and A-Basin and the trip to Breck via Swan Mtn road is pretty convenient.  A couple nice restaurants in Dillon, very close to the supermarket, and don't have to drive throught the mess in Silverthorne each day. 

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The perfect case for ski in/out.

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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post

The perfect case for ski in/out.

Which would be none of the above, but instead Keystone, Breckenridge, or Copper Mountain. The resorts have had a tough year; you should be able to get a decent deal on slope side accommodations.

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Dillion Best Western, something like $85 a night! 



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Silverthorne is suburban sprawl--strip malls and condos and an outlet mall. IMO it's a very unattractive place and not my idea of a good mountain vacation spot. Maybe the non-skiers in your party will welcome that but if you want a place with any charm or scenery whatsoever, Frisco is the only one of the 3 that has a little. But wouldn't slopeside be more fun so the little kids can play in snow right outside their door, and the stay at home parent can at least look out at some pretty mountains? Maybe walk around a village and have hot chocolate with the little ones and watch skiers?

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Thanks for all the replies.  We'd love to stay slopeside but it's prohibitively expensive.  We're looking into renting a 2br condo and it looks like the least expensive slopeside accommodations are over $300 per night.  So, unless we find an amazing last minute deal, we'll be staying off mountain.

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Just for fun you might run through this list of VRBO condos at Keystone.  I could be wrong, but seems like there could be a number of 2bdrm units below $300 and at this time of the season you can "make an offer" with many owners to get a better price:



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Skip the driving.  Take the train to Winter Park from Chicago.  It's a good time to wheel and deal.



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