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Hittin' the Bag - Dangerous Brian?

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Yep. Gonna start takin' out my latent hostility on the bag. They're hangin' a bunch of 'em in my gym and since I like to hit things (trees, other skiers, SLOW SKIING signs...), I'm set to wallop. Actually, I think it'll suit me. Get some gloves and start throwin' blows after my workouts. DB, don't have much of an agenda; just wanna work on hand speed, some technique, and building endurance. Plan on, for example, startin' out just LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT, etc., as i get an idea of technique, then building some combos, then, at some point, getting more serious("Aggro, bro") at it. Any advice?
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If these are heavy bags, kicking them is also a lot of fun (I especially like the round house kick). You can work on footwork as you move around the bag and sort of shadow box with it (you know, avoiding blows and stuff).

Before I got hooked on skiing, martial arts was my addiction/passion. I did it for about 6 years, then I got serious about skiing and a decision had to be made (I like to focus on what I want to get good at and stay good at).. so I figured that skiing was a little more social of a sport, and gave me more of a rush (and even though skiing, especially the bumps, can take it out of me, it still feels better than getting pummeled by my instructor).
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my first-day ski instructor also taught a martial art, and he found creative ways of integrating it into his ski teaching.


the Angry Old Man thing was tongue-in-ckeek, really. it's more just a post-workout activity than any combative gearing-up. and getting in the ring is out of the question. this is physical exercise that will be an entirely new and different activity - mainly, i want to use my hands more actively; AND it seems maybe cathartic, too.


last: can anybody beat roy jones, jr.?

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Hey DB - Although I've never boxed, I've done a bunch of martial arts stuff and I like working out on a heavy bag. Great full body workout. A buddy and I used to do timed "rounds" on the heavy bag. It's amazing how heavy and slow your hands become near the end of your fourth or fifth "round"!

I've also tried that bag that's suspended from the top and bottom by an elastic cord (don't know the name of that one).

If anybody ever wants a lesson in humility, try hitting that sucker with combinations. I guess when you have good technique, you can keep it swing back and forth in one plane. I don't have good technique and that thing would swing all over the place. I'm sure it was pretty funny to watch me swing and miss, swing and miss, swing and miss.
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Why limit yourself to hand techniques when there is a whole half of your body down there doing nothing?

There are a ton of Shotokan Karate organizations in the UK.......... lots of emphasis on hard punching (delivered from the hip)........ fast (not fancy) foot techniques?
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