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Rossi Exp 98, 188

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11/12 Rossi Experience 98 in a 188


Ski's were mounted with PX15 for a 326 bsl @ 1.5 mm behind boot center (apparently this is the recommended mount location)


I am selling these for my brother, who has chosen to go with the 191 Kendo as his front side ski. 

They only have a couple of days on them (one by me) and they are amazing ski's. They remind me of my Mothership's only quicker with nearly as much stability, I would  take them if I didn't have 2 sets filling this slot already.


The ski's have a normal amount of abrasions for 4 days of use, no chips or core shots.


I am thinking $500 plus shipping.


I will post pictures tomorrow.

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My brother is interested in a possible trade for something his son could use.


Preference would be something like a 181 Blizz 8.7 or similar.



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