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Which is ski is less stff ?

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Which ski is less stiff ? Prophet 90,98 Volkl Mantra, Salomon Sentenial, or Rossignol E98,88.

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Have a hunch the Mantra is stiffest, then the Sentinel, then Rossi 98, then 88, then Prophet 98, then 90. But educated guess, not strain gauge measurements. 

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I haven't been on the prophet 98 yet, but if the construction is similar to the old 100, as I've heard people say, then the prophet 98 should actually be less stiff than the prophet 90.  However, again, I haven't been on the 98 yet.  I could be just making stuff up.  I would agree on the ordering of the Mantra, Sentinel and P90, which are the 3 I have skied.


However, it's an odd phrasing of the question, wondering which is the least stiff, given that none of them are exactly noodles.  So, OP, what's behind the question here?  What is it you are looking for?

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I`m looking for a 90mm range ski that is good for the east coast most of the time with one or two trips out west and those were the skis that came to mind.

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You should add the Kastle MX 88 to your short list. Can carve like a much narrower ski on hard snow and very fun in soft new snow and late day crud.

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IMO a good rule of thumb for the east is: ski on the softest ski you feel comfortable on. If you're 6'2" and 200 lbs, that'll be a different ski than if you're 170 and 5'10". Also if you ski bumps and trees vs. hardpack. Why the softest? Because most more demanding eastern skiing is either on fairly narrow, often twisty trails that are full of people and bumps, or off in the trees, where the snow is softer and you have to maneuver quickly. In either case, you want to be able to bend the ski, and you want the softest tip that'll handle groomers for you when you hit the bumps or the trees.


So like trees back here, tolerate bumps, use 70 mm carvers for groomers. Have owned both the Mantra and the MX88, both are too stiff for enjoyment back here, both are nice in the west where you can open them up. Weigh 165. If you're 30 lbs heavier, or super aggro even with civilians around, or just like groomers, either will be nice. Cannot speak to the Prophets since it's been too long since I skied one, and have never been on the Sentinel or the E88. My .02. 

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This should be in Ski Gear not Member Ski Reviews. No ski review contained in the original post.

Please be less lazy and more thoughtful, MR5035.
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