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Line Prophet 85 and 90

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I enjoyed this ski more then the prophet 90. I found the 85 to be a lot like my Volkl Kendo which is 88 under foot.


I think with my tune the Prophet 85 would be something I could enjoy as my own ski.


I believe it was a 175cm ski. It had good edge hold, was smooth going from edge to edge making railroad tracks. I found the Prophet 90 to be clunky from edge to edge.  When I discribed what the 90 felt like to a buddy, he said, oh, like a 2x4. I know a lot of you like the Prophet 90 but this pair felt like the waist smacked the snow like a 2x4 when you knock it over on its side. Once on edge the 90 felt great.


I enjoyed the smoothness of the Prophet 85, it held good at high speed and was easy to ski slow. It handled the transition from hard snow to soft with ease, just like all my volkls have. The ski had a very confident feel under foot. When on edge it didn't have the precision my Volkl's do, but I think that was the tune. If it was sharp tip to tail. It would be a truely awesome ski.


I'm 57y/o level 9 skier, 195lbs, 5' 11" tall. Ski 60+ day's a season. This demo was done at Okemo VT, we had about 1-2" of fresh snow over Okemo's groomed snow that was wind blown off the rollers.

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Thans for your review. I am on a mission for a mid 80's all mtn/free ride with a hard snow bias for the NE.

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