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R.S.A.D.!! Do you also suffer from this mental disorder?

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This is my first time posting to this Off-Season board. I guess I've just been in denial. I knew that it might happen again, but just didn't want to admit it to myself....I just called the ticket window and found out that Snowbird officially ceased chairlift operations yesterday, May 20th, 2001.

This is seriously disturbing news and raises my concern for the well-being of not only myself, but for so many others who might be on this board.

Seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) is recognized in the medical community as a transient mental disability afflicting millions.

This disorder presents as depression in the late fall and winter partly from decreases in exposure to beneficial light waves---less time outdoors in sunlight and less time engaged in sunlit activities.

I'll be bold and announce it here. I am afflicted with R.S.A.D.--Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder. There, I said it. Great Scottie has known me for years and he will independently confirm it. He, like many of us, is unfortunately also diseased.
With this.
No, not that.

I'm sure many of us on this board suffer from this same emotional and intellectual curse. Through no fault of our own nature has dealt us a cruel blow. The emergence of summer instills us with depression as the resorts close, the snowfields are taken from us, and the repulsive heat of summer approaches. We sufferers become lethargic, vacant, worthless blobs of our former selves with little to no purpose in life and certainly meager productivity. Every year I try not to take it personally and even make feeble attempts to fill the void with other activities, to no avail.

I could feel the downward spiral begin taking it's toll the moment the ticket window lady spoke those words. It is a hideous thing to witness. I would not wish it upon anyone. I think you all know what I am talking about. We need help.

I propose federal recognition of this severe form of depression. In addition to assisted outdoor counseling, I propose that federal funds and programs be made available for RSAD's to be flown together to special rehabilitative locations for our own unique treatment. These locations could be set up let's say, oh I don't know, maybe Mt. Hood, or Whistler/BC, or even Chile or Australia if need be (perhaps depending on severity).

This is no laughing matter. Someone else with more strength will have to take on the cause from this point. I can feel the life being sucked from me as I type, knowing that no skilifts will run in Utah for the next 5.43 months.

For years now, at my own expense, I have been forced to fly elsewhere or climb (often by myself) local mountains to reach rapidly melting snowfields for a transfusion of skiing---sometimes yielding only a humiliating "quickie" in the late summer months.

This is not right. This is wrong.

All of you who agree and have the strength to type a couple of words to any political or medical connections you may have, please do so before it is too late........

So as to avoid confusion betwixt my ski bud GreatScottie and any other Scotts, here is a recent pic of him: http://roncram.com/scott-jump.html
"Skiing: It IS all that": http://skistreak.com <FONT size="1">

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I hear that. I confirm that it is a disorder which ranges in severity from the not-so-bad daily pangs of pain and depression over the peak summer months to the full blown there's-no-hope-whatsoever-for-you state which I find myself in.

Unadulterated anxiety, humiliating lack of enthusiasm for anything, embarassing amounts of money spent on ski videos, abnormal amounts of time spent staring aimlessly at my gorgeous, gleaming Machetes. It's hell.

To make things worse, my girlfriend likes the summer! She is a skier, alright, but she loves the rays of a hot summer! Crazy. What a waste of time.

I've heard of guys who teach / work / bum in the US or Europe in the winter and then head down under to NZ to catch their season there. 12 months a year of snow. Sounds like a cure, endless...


Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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Well we have some real ski addicts here, and they need to get on the path to recovery. So you need some "methadone" alternatives to get you out of your stupor, back on track and enjoying the fact you are indeed alive, and have another ski season to look forward to.
So think about these as sutible substitutes alternatives:
*Go to timberline or Alaska
*Plan a summrtime trip to S. America,
Australia, or New Zealand.
*Take up surfing or wind surfing
*Try biking or inline skating
*Get a Harley
*Water Skiing
*Learn to sail
*Become a triathlete or marathoner
*Fly fishing in a mountain stream
*If you are single-find someone or if
involved somehat, may be someone new.
that will take your mind off of not
being able to ski.
*If married or extremely involved with a
significant other concentrate on thier
needs for the time being.
*If all of the above are not suitable or cost too much and you are a maschist, there is GOLF !!
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