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So I started a thread a few days back titled "numb foot and toes" and described that I was in Vento 8's, which I now know are too big for me.  I did a measurement of my foot and I am a 26.5 mondo with a 98mm footbed.  I have a few boots in mind and am going to see a bootfitter for sure.  But i just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on these boots:  Nordica Speedmachine 110 (saw the review here), Lange RS 110, Atomic Nuke 120, Technica Inferno Blaze.  I see that the Lange's are 97mm and I was wondering if anyone has experience as to how they truly feel.  I used to have Lange's when I was younger and I loved them but I was not as informed (and didn't care) about all the specs.  How things change with time:)  I know I shouldn't think about price when it comes to boots, but the Nukes are on sale for $199 at in a 26.5.  That is a massive bargain.  I will show restraint until I see a boot fitter.  Thanks for any input.