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Bindings Mounted Too Far Forward?

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I recently moved the bindings on my FIS race GS skis to put the ball of my foot (BOF) over the running surface center (CRS) or as far forward as the plate will allow if I can’t get to the CRS. I have noticed that the skis are much easier to initiate but I have the impression that they are bending too much in the fore body through the top of the turn. I haven’t noticed the tails breaking loose any more or less than before the move. My times have been slightly slower since the change but that might not necessarily be due to the binding move. I like the ease with which the skis start a turn but I wonder if my weight is too far forward throughout the turn now. What are the symptoms of the bindings being too far forward on the ski?

The skis in question are:

Fischer RC4 WCGS 183cm X 23m

Nordica GSR 181cm X 23m

Dynastar Course GS 182 X 23m

Atomic D2 GS 183cm x 23m

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Speeder,  I have always mounted my GS skis a bit forward ~ 10mm, as i have a small boot and prefer the feel of the ski that way.  Interestingly there are a bunch of us here who ski the Fischer WC GS 183 (in both 23m and 27m) and this season another 4 of the guys who train with me have gone the same way and moved it forward a touch and found it has transformed the ski. 

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I think part of the reason a slight forward mount works is that it allows for easier initiation of the turn (this was something that was shown in a picture series in Skiing Magazine of Tomba skiing years ago highlighting why he goes so fast) as you proceed throught the turn the legs start to kick forward loading the tail and in effect jetting the ski forward and accelerating (all this was done with long skis).  With the shaped skis it is almost natural to do this as the stance is slightly different and lends its self to this.


Whats old is new again.


I must admit I'm not a racer, but see myself a ski mechanic (one who tries to ski mechanically perfect, at least in my dreams)



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being out of the game for a very long time...

I still pay attention, even though it's clear of the progression over the years....


you don;t mention consideration of your:

binding/plate delta

boot shaft angle

any canting?

likely you've not changed any of these, but some adjustment might help any fore/aft balance.

boot shaft is easiest and least complicated to do and un-do.

you didn;t mention how far you moved them...


times are so very tied to course and style.

thing which always caused me to run slower was a course which had me fall late on turn initiation at some points.

in fact, for me, it was THE consideration.

as I improved my read of course sections and improved my initiation, my times improved a lot.

sure seems like that is still one of the biggest time issues in modern GS.

course, you prolly know that already

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I'd like to revisit this thread if possible, what are the most likely symptoms of being too far forward on the ski? I've found that as one moves the bindings forward the initiation effort decreases or if you prefer the ease of turning increases up to a point and then moving farther forward seems to have no more positive effect. I presume that moving even farther forward would produce some negative effect. How would that express itself?

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