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Parent Child Races- Photo MA

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Saturday at the Keystone Nastar area we had bluebird skies for the Summit Cup Parent Child Races sponsored by the Summit Foundation and organized by Team Summit.  
Jake Fiala, who raced in the 2002 Olympics and retired from pro skier cross at the end of 2010 had the best time.  Casey Snyder, in 4th, was also a US Ski Team member.
Based on the photo links, what did the following racers do well and what can we improve on?  Thanks!   
3 Pics Black jacket/tan pants in Green course 
3 Pics Black jacket/tan pants in Yellow course
2 Pics  Green Course
3 Pics Yellow Course

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where`s Josh when you need him?

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Couldn't handle opening all those links, but Ali's got it goin on :)


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Originally Posted by 4ster View Post

Couldn't handle opening all those links, but Ali's got it goin on :)


She`ll be happy to hear that...The pics are sequential with two groups for each skier, so no real need to separately open every link as you can click on the next...would post them directly here if I could.


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I raced Fiala on that same hill a few years back during pacesetter trials, that guy is a cannonball!



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Clean up the links and eliminated some skiers in the hopes that this gets more traction.  


What do I need to do to get both skis on a more similar edge angle and hopefully lower my Nastar handicap from the teens to single digits more consistently.


How about Ali- she has improved this year without a lot of time on snow, but what can she do to move from Nastar Gold to Platinum?



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I think Ali's boots are too big. There appears to be very little ankle flex which is why she's so bent at the waist to compensate.


Matt (that's you, right?) needs to stand on his outside ski.

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Originally Posted by MEfree30 View Post

where`s Josh when you need him?

Uh, I don't think he's a racer type.smile.gif

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Keystone is such a flat course, everyone is tucking. In the first three pictures, of Matt...sometimes it is faster to

ski a clean line rather then trying to tuck. In the 2nd and 3rd pictures the racer is finishing his turn on the

inside ski and losing the bend, power and carve on the outside ski. He seems a bit late and a distance from

the gate...look at some of the other tracks in the snow. Do you know where the results of the race are posted?

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What should I do to stand more on my outside ski- any drills that you can recommend?


Ali`s boot may not be perfect, but they are not huge on her, at least when I did a shell fit...she wore the same boots last year and I wasn`t sure if she would make them in them this year.  I think she bends at the waist because that is her idea of a tuck (without polls, which she has not felt comfortable and skis much worse when she uses them).


Results are at http://www.live-timing.com/race2.php?r=40795.  Jake Fiala ran 18.22 and 18.75 while I (Matt) ran 21.19 and 21.64 and Ali ran 27.25 and 27.08.  On a single best run basis I was 35th out of 272 racers (kids, parents and coaches) that posted times while Ali was 184th.  She was 11th out of 20 girls in her age group for single best run, 0.3 out of 8th and about 2 seconds out of 3rd.  Both her times were 162nd on the particular course while mine were 25th and 37th.  I felt I was faster on the top on the second run, but had to throw them sideways on the 4th and 3rd to last gates.   On the first run, my top may not have been as good, but skidding at the 4th to last gate was the most noticeable mistake.  It was only my 4th day on snow since my 2nd ACL surgery, so I was mostly satisfied, but would like to improve going forward. 


Last year, I was able to tuck the whole course and ran about a second faster on what I thought was an easier course.  There was no official Nastar pace setter, but I estimated that I would have had a 14 handicap last year and a 17 this year.  At the end of last year, on two fun runs on the Keystone course, I ran an 8 and 9 handicap, but feel that the pace setter that day was slow.    


I think I made a mistake trying to stay in a tuck the whole time this year and definitely felt my second run would have been better had I come out of the tuck prior to the gates towards the bottom.  Most of the good skiers tucked most/all of the course both years.  Generally speaking, if you know there is a more difficult section, how far in advance to you change your tactics?


I haven`t done a ton of racing and agree that I could work on a tighter line, but intentionally didn`t worry too much about it as the last thing I wanted to do was hook a gate.  I am not positive where they took the pictures.  I didn`t feel late at the top of the course, but was definitely late at the bottom of the second run.


Thanks...please keep the suggestions coming!

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Drills - I'd suggest working on skill #3 - tipping/edging. Try carved uphill arcs in both directions or how about railroad tracks. Tactics...look ahead and concentrate on turning somewhat earlier on the gate above the difficult offset gate coming up. Start your turn just before or at the rise line.

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