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As a patroller, I am  in a position that requires side slipping under load for considerable distances.  In a day where I might haul several loaded sleds from high on the mountain,  the time spent in a slip gives ample time to evaluate and question.


What I have noticed in my own performance is a difference between the alignment and stability of my left and right side.

When turned to the left between the handles,  right leg downhill, I feel the sensation of an impending rolling over of the right ankle.  That is, the ski is over edged and the means to release the edge is a displacement that does not preserve a stacked alignment.  This is contrary to good power and control. 

This symptom shows across several pairs of skis with differing bindings. I make no distinction between right and left ski,  just click in.


There is not a similar sensation when performing the loaded side slip facing right, with the left leg down hill.  I tend to switch sides frequently to keep the muscles fresh.


This has been going on for years ;-)


Using guide lines extracted from Ealing's "The All Mountain Skier"


I've tried cuff adjustments, and "trail map"shimming. 

I've examined the fit of the custom foot bed , though I have not tried wedging of any type, trusting the original fitting.

I've made marks on my knees and hung plumb bobs down to my toes ;-)

I have not tried cants under the binding,  really don't want to if it can be avoided.

I've checked the interface of boot and binding.


Everything seems the same right to left,  but there is a difference somewhere


Boots are oh so soft and comfortable Scarpa Denali TT's, the fit is "snug".


Cuff ? posting? Canting? Other? The loose connection between the handles ;)?    Where to find a clue? I turn to experience!