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Barnett's Manual

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Just found the Barnett's Manual 3rd edition on www.specialized.com for download. Downside is it's only 1 chapter per month, but upside is it's free. Looks like a great guide for those do-it-yourself types. You can get all the back chapters Here. Now to just get a stand or make one.
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That's amazing. I just snagged chapters 1-15 but is this legal? I mean, isn't this something like a $100 book?

BTW, total download is only about 3.8MB.
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Yes, Barnett's and Specialized ahve a deal to allow the downloads. However, as Gonz said, I don't think it's as indepth as their 4th edition. Zinn goes for about $15 at most stores. Thing I've noticed about most books seems to be the age. Lots of changes since publications
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