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Japan Backcounty / side Piste

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Ski trip with an awesome crew in Northern Japan. 3.5 days back country in Daisetsuzan National Park in Hokkaido and 2 days side-piste in Hokkoda. Timed the storms perfect and Japan was awesome.





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Impressive.  Thanks for posting.  Were you at Asahidake?  You lucked out with pow and having a fellow skier who knows how to use a video camera.  Bonus points for no Gopro.

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We were at Asashidake for part of the trip.  We used Hokkaido Powder Guides ( had an excellent experience with them.  I would definitely reach out to Chuck at HPG  for anybody seeking advice on a trip there - really solid guide and super nice guy.


I did all of the recording and was my first attempt using a camcorder (Panasonic TM900) so I don't actually appear in the video ;-( .  The TM900 does a really great job at motion control although I did vector some of the shots.  It struggles a little in low light and it was pretty flat out for a lot of the shots. The internal HD will stop working in extreme cold as well so its good to run a flash card in it as backup. I have primarily done photography in the past but am starting to like video - learned a lot on this trip.


Proof that I was actually there ;-)  Buddy of mine captured these shots.  I was the hippie representing on tele.



DSC_0266 (1).jpg


DSC_0340 (1).jpg

DSC_0199 (1).jpg

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The pics are great.


I toured there 6 weeks ago with Black Diamond Tours, which I also highly recommend.  I broke my leg at Asahidake on my fifth day and had to cancel the remaining 12 days of my trip.  We had three Japanese speaking guides which proved invaluable in getting me home with the least amount of hassle.  I plan to go back next season.       

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