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Tubeless Tires

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Ok, as usual you have the loyal followers and the "they suck" crowd. Whats the opinions of those here with the experience? The NRS 1 I'm considering has the Tubeless and the shop is pushing them as one of the great perks. Quick patches work well enough on them to do a trail repair?
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Like Gonz said, they've got potential, but for now they're all hype. Another issue with them is that you can't "patch" them. If you blow a tire, you're screwed. The only work around would be to carry a spare tube with you and put it in, but then you've eliminated the big perk of tubeless tires!
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Can you even get them on and off when you're out in the woods? I don't know how they make the seal, but I would imaging that the bead would be a lot tighter than a regualr tire. So I have to wonder if it's a reasonable expectation to be able to get the tire off, fix it or insert a tube, then get it back on.
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Anyone remember the big deal about 8 to 9 speed, I think this will end up being a similar situation.
The manufacturers have gone with a standard SST (I think this is the acro.) It will get better with time, we'll see.
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Guy at store says he likes the idea of being able to run a lower psi for better traction. Says you can trail patch, or yes, throw in a tube. Just curious is all since the NRS 1 (or 2, may get that and upgrade fork/drive) comes with the tubeless.

Gonz, honestly, Cambria's site confused me on the Aeon and what it comes with standard. I tried calling but kept getting put on indefinate hold. Do you know what it comes with or what should be upgraded? My only concern about this is I don't have a dealer around here to test ride before purchase. Still leaning towards Enduro Expert right now for cost vs what you get.
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Ok Thanks to all for the advice! I decided on the Enduro Expert. Rode great for me and reviews I saw were all nice. Didn't hurt they let me have it for $1600...actually, that was the deal closer right there. Will let you know how it does for me when I get some miles on it.
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Tubeless tires....are you and I on the same wavelength? I thought tubeless tires were filled with a foam type material so they're virtually flat proof :| or was that just a prototype way back when?

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Ha! glad someone else admitted to this first. Yeah, when I first saw them I thought the same thing and how they had to beat you to death. But, going to wait a while till they get the bugs worked out.
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I haven't tried them, but I do know what they're SUPPOSED to do. Apparently, you can run far lower air pressure with them and not flat....giving you much better traction. Plus, they're supposed to save weight. Also, you can run them with normal tubes if you wanted to.

For Gonzo to only have 2 pinch flats in 8 years sounds like he's running 65 psi? Full suspension no doubt?
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