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I have way too many ski items, wife is complaining - time to downsize...


Oakley A Frame goggles. Bought them last year and skied maybe 10 days tops. One day I put goggles inside of my helmet when packing for a weekend ski trip and forgot to put them in the car - ended up buying both new helmet and goggles. Then I got another pair of goggles as a present from my wife... Now I have 3 pairs of goggles, but only one head to wear them on.


Goggles are in great condition. Padding on the back is excellent. Lens color is Persimmon. No scratches outside of the lens. When I look inside, I see a couple of swirls near the bottom left, but you can't see them once goggles are on the face. I tried to make pictures, but swirls won't show up. Should I say no scratches? Goggles come with a soft carrying pouch.


Price is $60 shipped anywhere in USA via Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery time) with tracking number. Or, if you are in NYC, you can come and pick them up from me in person and I'll drop a price a few extra dollars as I won't have to ship them.






Any questions or need another image, feel free to drop me a line.