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TR - Utah Feb 17-20

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Hit Utah from the 17th to 20th. Canyons, Alta, Solitude, Snowbird.

Flew in on Friday the 17th. Arrived at 11, on slopes at Canyons at 12.45. Took advantage of the free lift ticket offer.

Good day at Canyons. Had skied there once before 10+ years ago and remembered having a tough time with the mountain layout. Enjoyed it much more this time. Still some good stashes in the trees, though conditions were pretty variable. Skied everything from ice to crusty hardpack to nice packed powder to some pretty decent leftovers in the trees. Overall, good day. And to top it off, met Locknload (Randy) and his bud for beers to wrap up the day. Nice start to my weekend.




Alta next. First time skiing there and it totally lived up to the hype for me. Great conditions (all things considered) on a bluebird day. Found the company on the lifts to be very good - lots of friendly people who were all very willing to share tips about the resort. Could tell that people really had some love for this resort. Favorite part of the resort was probably Catherine's Area. Short skate/hike up from the lift to some really nice conditions. Felt like I was the only one over there.




Then came the snow. Sort of. From my first lift ride on Friday, was hearing how it was supposed to dump big time. Optimistically, there was supposed to be up to 40+ inches by Monday in the Cottonwoods. Decision time. Go to LCC or maybe avoid the crowds a bit an head to BCC. Ended up getting some demos and heading to Solitude the next day. Not a ton of snow by morning (3"), but supposed to snow all day for maybe another foot. The conditions were less than ideal. Plenty of hardpack/ice as the main surface, with the new snow on top. Key are at Solitude was Honeycomb Canyon. Still some very nice conditions there, but mountain layout makes it difficult to get a ton of laps in. 3 lift rides (~40 mins) to get back to the top of Honeycomb, so unfortunately didn't get as many in as I would have liked. Though for those that haven't skied there, Solitude has some rockin' terrain. Several times, I scared the crap out of myself as I was skiing some steep stuff that led to narrow chutes/runouts. This would be a great place to go midweek after a good storm, and would be even better after getting to know the place a little better.






Last day was at Snowbird. Got about 7" the day/night before. Another bluebird day. Little windy in the morning. Hooked up with the mountain tour and went with the "rippers" group. I was the oldest in the group by about 20 years (with the exception of our host), but was a great way to get a lay of the land. Loved the terrain there, and was totally psyched to ski there after years of wanting to.







Logistics wise - stayed at The Sleep Inn in South Jordan. Cheap, clean, and met all my needs. Easy highway access, so no trouble getting anywhere. Would have been nice to be slightly closer, but can't complain for $50/night. Had a couple good dinners at Squatter and Bohemian with halfway decent beers (though not any interesting ales or high gravity stuff). Tip of the day is to hit the ABC store for good beer when you first get in, since the ABC store doesn't keep anything cold.
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Looks like a great time.  Even the Bodacious' look like they had fun!

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Where is that tunnel?

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Snowbird - Peruvian to Mineral Basin
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Originally Posted by givethepigeye View Post

Snowbird - Peruvian to Mineral Basin

^^That.  Host told us that the first design of the tunnel was not graded, but that made the length more than 600'.  Utah law requires an exit to be no more than 300' away, so they graded the tunnel to make it less than 600'. 

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