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Old Look ZR Bindings

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An older guy brought in a set of old Dynastar GS skis today, to have the rental shop adjust the bindings to his new boots (He threw out his old Raichle Flexon Comps...cringe). The bindings are old Look ZR 6-16 DIN, with the Pivot heel and the 3D design toe. The BSL was too different from the previous one, so we couldn't make the bindings fit. He rented skis, and said he would buy new ones. He left the old ones at the hill. Right now, it looks like I should be able to get them for free. After I use them at this year's Hot Dog day, I want to have the bindings mounted on something else. Can, and will a ski shop still mount these? Are they still on the indemnified list? My old Rossignol Axial bindings are destroyed (broken brakes, 1 broken heel piece, missing both AFDs), and they will be getting thrown in the garbage after this season. If anyone knows anything about these bindings, it would be great. I have been looking for old Pivots for a while. They are purple and yellow, if that helps.

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They appear to be....




Complete: Z RV18, Pivot (all versions), PX18 (all versions), PX Racing (all versions), PX15 (all versions), PX14 (all versions), PX12 (all versions), PX Team, Nova 11, Nova 9 (all versions), Nova 7 (all versions), NX (all versions), Nova (all versions), AIS (all versions), C-Cube (all versions), P18, P15, P14 (all versions), P12 (all versions), P11 (all versions), P10 (all versions), P12 Demo, P10 Demo, Pivot Jib, P9.0 (all versions), P8.0 (all versions), P9.0 Jr., P7.5 (all versions), P7.0 (all versions), ZR R, P9.0L, P8.0L, P7.0L (all versions), P Sport (all versions), Team 4 (all versions), ZRC, Team P10, Team 8 Maxplate, Team 8, Team 4 – adult/junior boot, sole, Team 2RL – junior boot sole, TT9.0 Jr., ZR Jr., LJ 4.5, X-Press Kid, Legend Early Tram, Legend, Legend Exclusive


Could very well be some of the oldest bindings still indemnified. If you don't want them, let me know..I am missing that color combo. 

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Those bindings may date back to the Tomba days.



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Philpug, if none of the shops will mount them, they are yours. I assume the skis are essentially worthless. They are 190+ cm, minimal sidecut (almost straight). I believe they are Dynastar Course GS, but I may be mistaken. Topsheets are dark grey, bases are bright red/pink. I'm going to take them for a spin today, they fit my boots perfectly. To be perfectly honest, I'm probably going to die. Never been on anything that long, stiff, or straight (No jokes, please).

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Those old metal toe looks are worth $75-$125 even if shops won't mount them.  

Park Rat kids love the bright colors too.

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Doubt they are worthless on fleabay. These are probably still idemnified because it would take a limited thermonuclear strike to hurt them. Wish I had kept my old Looks back when the pivot was no big thing and the entire deal was machined alu and steel...

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The Look Z rv18 is still indemnified, the lower DIN Z series are no longer on 'the list'.

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