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archery in SF anyone?

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Any of you SF locals want to try, join me or maybe just see the local Archery range where we hunt Hay Bales?
I'll be at the San Francisco Archery range Saturday around 8:00 AM.

I'll be shooting a Black Compound bow with tons of attachments. (sight, stabilizers... ) No idea what I'll be wearing. depends on the weather.

This sight has a map to where the range is. http://www.bysel.com/sfarch/main.html
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Wish I could join you dchan, gotta go to Sac for the day.

Deep yogic breaths...
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yeh sounds like fun and always into new stuff...but of course I'm going mtn biking, Monte Bello this weekend...not sure how I will go on the climb...looks damn nasty !

maybe next time !
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I will be at the range again this Saturday May 26 at around 8:00 AM. If anyone wants to check it out...
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I will again be at the range in SF on Saturday. June 2nd. 8:00 AM ish.
It looks like it might a real nice warm morning.
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Yeah I'll go. Is SF in Jersey?
No? Cali...egads that's too far!
Oh well...otherwise I'd go.
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