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dynastar 80 pro Outland

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Hi bears

Today I could demo a dynastar 80 pro Outland, at 172cm. I'm 6ft tall, 220 lbs, low intermediate.

It was the first to with a rocker at a proper length (previously only small carvers rent skis) and I absolutely loved it in mixed conditions, half icy piste, and half slushy.

Do you guys think it would be a good idea to pull the trigger on this bad boy? Good discounted price in the demo ski.. It's very forgiving and I was impressed how better I was skiing at 80 mm and tip n tail rocker.

I thought about the Atomic Blackeye or Smoke, and I think about 80/20 groomed/ungroomed, but my first concern is comfort and versatility (one ski to rule them all, and to not screw my bank account), effortlessness and then performance

And yes, I ve got a boot (atomic live fit 90)


Cookie, iced
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Apparently great ski, but 172 is too short for your size if you plan to take lessons, or if you ski more than a half dozen times a year, or if you like to ski aggressively. Otherwise, all good. 

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Thanks, beyond

I do plan to progress and learn proper ski in some classes (got 2 lessons for kickstart and 60,000 hours of youtube videos), which is why Im looking for a ski a little more than my level, so it would take me there.

I've got 12 days of slopes this year, but I plan to increase that to something close to 20, as Im getting more and more addicted

I've tried some bigger skis, at 178cm, but was not so comfy with them. So maybe my next one I go for a bigger length.

I wouldnt be so worried on getting a ski, but as I plan to go to Sweden, a place where renting is very expensive, I decided to go for a used versatile ski, at a low price.

I see there is a non pro version (80 XT), but as its a sale, I cant really choose model or alternative length


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Sounds like you're set on the 172. Fine, just keep in mind that your comfort zone is largely determined by level. So you'll want a longer ski soon.

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