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Layering Waxes

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I have four different Swix waxes, CH10, CH8, CH7, und CH8.  


I like to use them in layers.


I don't like to burn the wax.


Here's my process so far, and planned:


Edge work (irrelevant here)

Check base true

Hanging Burr Removal


Brass Roto



Drip on (CH10/CH8)

Wax in with Fiberlene

Light scrape



Drip on (CH10/CH8)

Wax in with Fiberlene

Light scrape

Leave overnight


Next up is scraping again, then brushing.  New scraper, sharp.  Bases looked good and flat.  For this I've used the roto on a short nylon brush.  This is my first go with CH10 and it is definitely way softer.  Maybe I should hand brush here?


So I want to step up to CH8 or maybe CH7 for Sunday.  It should layer on top of the already base-waxed CH10.


To step up with wax, I need to step up the iron temp.  Toko Digital.


What I'm afraid will happen, as it happened before, is a thin section of the ski will hold some excess base wax and it will burn slightly under the higher temp iron.  It comes off on a scrape of the second wax or wax of the day.


How do I best avoid or mitigate this?  Is it a big deal?





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I would check your iron temperature. CH 7 should be 135 C/275 F. This should not be hot enough to burn a base. If your iron is running hot, see if the 7 will melt at the setting you used for the 8, if the wax melts, it is hot enough. If you see any smoking turn the iron down and wait a couple of minutes for it to cool before proceeding.  Make sure you are not going too slowly with the iron until you resolve the issue. The one Swix wax I use is a 7.7 fluromoly base prep wax and it melts fine at 110 C on my iron.

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I only count three, not four waxes: CH7, CH8, and CH10.  Be that as it may, these waxes are extremely similar to each other in composition, it is pointless to layer them as you end up with a mix, not separate layers.

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