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Originally Posted by hardhatsam View Post

This will be my first time skiing out of the U.S (Idaho, Alaska and Virginia). Anyone have a recommended Guide for Saint Anton? I'll be there for 2days of skiing in january



If you're just looking for pure off-piste skiing (backside of the Valluga, off some of the peaks requiring a climb, etc.), then you can go to the Arlberg Ski School office and sign up for one of their off-piste groups or a private guide. They've got some great guides that are fun to ski with. If you just want advanced terrain without going the full off-piste route, then as SD mentioned, you don't really need a guide for that.
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Thank you for the information! I much appreciate the advice also, I'll let you know guys know how the trip goes and what I decide to do. I'll get up their ski one day and then go from there, who knows maybe I will stay longer and ski off piste also.


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Snowbird, thank you for the information. You make some awesome points I did not consider. I am going to go with your recommendation! I am much looking forward to this trip, it'll be my first one out of the U.S. and hopefully many more to come.
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If you're type of skiing is groomers, there's absolutely no need for a guide. If you want to go off piste, especially with a limited amount of time, a guide makes sense as he/she will take you directly to the good stuff without wasting time on terrain that you're not interested in.
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You guys from the sates call it Stanton, in Austria they call it Sankt Anton


Its a great ski village and it attracts the hard on Gortex set.


But it is great fun, you have to immerse your self in the local culture, which means a whole lot of alcohol.


I would recommend apart from the skiing .... at lunch call in at the "Hospice" in St Christoph, even a trip to the toilets there is an experience!

Towards the end of the day call in at the "Mooserwort" its only 300 meters above the final run home, and there you can experience Extreme Apres Ski Austrian style, worth it just for a look.


This place is just not quite like Utah!


Tony the Silver Turfer,

but you can call me Sankt Anton

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Originally Posted by hardhatsam View Post

This will be my first time skiing out of the U.S (Idaho, Alaska and Virginia). Anyone have a recommended Guide for Saint Anton? I'll be there for 2days of skiing in january



Franz Trimmel gets rave reviews from those who has skied with him.  http://alloffpiste.com/skiing/aboutfranztrimmel/  Do a search on the Brit site, snowheads.com.  He used to work for Piste-to-Powder, which also gets great reviews.


Worth knowing, Warth-Schröcken has been joined to the Arlberg ski pass area: http://www.zuersnews.at/baufortschritt-beim-auenfeldjet-12112013 with the completion of the Auenfeldjet gondola.

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Just two days?

You'll have to get up relay early in the morning to get around the whole place.

You wont have time to find a guide.


The whole thing is a pisted circuit with just a short bus ride needed to connect.


I would love to go back there and go over from Lech to Warth then perhaps do the whole of the Bregenzerwahld valley again.

Damuuls, Shroken in particular.



The road through to Lech from Warth is usually closed in winter because of avalanche dangers.


Gosh I had better go to work rather than sit here reminiscing about good times!

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I would think more than twice about going off piste even with a guide ...

News just in from Lech of a lad being killed and some others buried in an avalanche yesterday.



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Thanks for the link.
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I would like to ski deep powder and get away from things now and again but ......


It just goes to show you can have all the kit in the world .. helmets ....transceivers ... air bags ...shovels ..probes and even a guide and a minimal risk avalanche level.


But all that doesn't make you invincible.

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Dangerous conditions at present.  Have a read of http://snowheads.com/ski-forum/viewtopic.php?t=105605 

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Hi Ulmer,

I must admit that the Snowheads is where I picked up the info from.


Oddly enough, I was out with the Snowheads gang in Tignes at the first week of December, and apart from all the usual stuff we get up to, we had a talk about safety "off piste", which boils down to ... you have got to be aware that anything can happen, anywhere at anytime once you don't go where the huskies go! AND dont think that just because you've got all the kit your going to be safe.


Anyway ... lets get back to talking about the brighter side of the Alberg ...


Its a big area and there is lots of places to go before you even think about going off piste.

There is extreme apres ski  ... from Krazy Kangaroo but my favourite is the Mooserwirt 

There are some very sophisticated restaurants in Oberlech where you can sit on a sunny slope side and watch the world skid by.


And the slide down to the toilettes in Hospice at St Christoph is not to be missed.


Its been a while since I had a good few days there, and I'm aching to go back.


Off to work.

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Hi Silver... Come back, you won't be disappointed. Almost every year the lift co adds something new. This year, it is the link to Warth and the new Tanzboden chair.

40 days and 19 hours until I am back again. Not counting. Much.
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Hi Ulmer,


Oh .. I know I wont be dissapointed .... 

Is it this year that the Warth link is open?

I have often looked at the maps and thought it cant be too long a hike to get around the back of the Karhorn ... but I'm sure its much harder than it looks.


I'm sort of surprised they did open that lift ... as now they will have all the "hoy pelloy" coming over the hill from the down market people from the Bregenzwald.


I actually have a very soft spot for those places in particular Damuuls and Betzau.


I remember there was an almighty mogul field in Warth .. the "Mother of all Mogul runs" we called it.


Enough of this stuff ... just a little more work then shut down for Christmas & New Year. 

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Yup, Warth-Lech link is up & running.  It even has its own website:  http://www.auenfeldjet.at 


Significant snowfalls predicted for ~25/26 Dec.

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Conditions look great, if those pictures are current. We were there 2 years ago. Did the white ring every day. Well not the whole ring, got over to the high end town of Leck. Skied right into town, to an smoked meet store, maybe 1600 vintage, it was a cow barn,  with outdoor eating. We ate and drank and took the bus back to st anton.

If you get there check out Mussarat (spelling?) on the mountain after skiing



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