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The 6 Year Gut - Page 2

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Most of it has been said, but I'll add the basics that we follow.

If you starves your body it stores any surplus you eat as fat for next time you starve it. So eat smaller regular meals so your body knows it does not need to store anything for the next starve. It also helps keeps your metabolism sped up. The good thing is after a few weeks your body should be running hotter and you can get away with having treats. Try to eat every 2 1/2 hours. It can be just a protein shake or a pottle of youghurt.

Try not to have carbs in the evening as they just get stored as fat. Okay to eat them morning and midday cause they get burned up.

Build muscle - even inactive muscle burns up energy. Don't worry about weight, muscle is heavier than fat, if you can increase your muscle and reduce fat then you will be 'smaller' and need more energy to run. This means you can have a few beers and get away with it. On a weight training day have a protein shake 30 min before going to bed, your muscle need protein to build and repair. Helps to gain extra muscle mass.

I am a lifetime weight Watchers member, and they allocate points for exercise and food. You can eat so many points a day, and if you exercise you get to eat more. Interestingly, skiing was one of the highest execrcise points, 3 points for 30 minutes - running is only 2 points. So if you are down under, then you have an extra excuse for skiing as many days as possible over the next few months.

All this great advice and I am still 5kg heavier than I want to be. My employer thinks they are doing us a favour by ensuring we have lots of chocolate biscuits to have with our coffee - very hard to resist. What a shame, I'll have to do some extra ski days soon to work it off. The snow makers have started up down under, it is now cold to make snow - not long now!
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Good posts, most way beyond my level that's for sure. 2ki's, interesting about the starving bit. So here it is 2 am and i haven't eaten in 10 hours. Does that mean if I go and have a bag of pretzels from the machine it all goes to fat? Well on the bright side i guess it keeps me alive.

This eating stuff is tough. Of course the last time I went to the grocery store to actually buy food was...hmmm well Bush hadn't been elected and no one had even heard of Kathryn Harris. Actually before the world series, no let's see what happened last summer? oh i'm too hungry/faint too think straight!

The problem with all this fitness stuff is you realize you don't know how to do anything. Let's see. With Lisamarie's help I go to a pilates person. Turns out i've got to learn how to walk. I hadn't realized it was a problem. Damn, i'd thought i nailed that one cold by the time i was 4 !

Then it's back to pilates and the next frontier is learning how to breathe. Well i thought i'd done o.k. with that since birth but apparently it's a miracle i'm still alive!

(time for joke: "Air is like sex, it doesn't matter unless you're not getting any.")

Truly the worst frontier is this eating stuff though because that's real complicated. First i have to decide -what- to eat, then figure out what i need to buy, then go get it, then figure out what to do with it after i drag it home. Then there's this complicated timing issue of when to eat what after you've segregated everything into carbs/proteins/fats.
I never really cemented this one, i'll tell ya.
Definitely easier to grab a burger or a grilled chicken sandwich. (That lettuce and tomato will help out with the healthy part)

If man cannot live by bread alone can he live by Balance bars? ...and Water?

Well, I'd better go practice my walk down to the subway...

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My goodness dear friend I've turned you into a monster!

I hate the part where you fall out after a few too many, then you wake up again and can't go back to sleep. NOT FAIR!!!

Brave? Who's Brave? You be brave! I'm scared! HELP!!!
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Thank you everyone. This has been my most successful thread to date. I'm flattered that you are all so enthusiastic about turning my wobbling midriff into a chiselled, babe magnet, wash board brad pitt in fight club type physique. Hope it all works. I'm going to have to print this all out and take some time to read it properly.

Bad news, though, first failure of my new regime. I tried to get up early and go for a pre-work run this morning but didn't make it.

I did play tennis last night, though.

And Powdigger, just for you...

Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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DB, this is true...

Seriously though, are Balance bars and all those other ones just as bad as junk food?<FONT size="1">

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powerbars, baby (sawdust, tar, honey)!!!!
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Sounds good to me. fiber, protein, and carbo. however don't know what the tar falls under unless you are a smoker. then you get part of your smoke fix. I guess the protein would depend on if they used filtered or raw honey or if they got some bugs in with the sawdust..
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Beer is a carbo killer, especially the handpulled "real" ales that are soooooooo tasty in Britain.
Famous grouse is a dieters/boozers dream.
squash & biking are good too & I find more protein in my diet (soy for me as I am a veggie) helps in my bulge wars. (which harpo can attest I am not entirely winning.)
So lay off the guiness, cream of Manchester etc. Also COunting Crows make you lay atround & gain weight. look at the lead singer! More agro rock or jazz will get you out more.
also dont skin up before you eat! ( and I dont mean climbing skins)
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Cyclig coach Chris Carmichael, in his book he wrote morr or less with Lance Armstrong about the training methods Lance uses has a formula for safe and effective weight loss.

I don't have my book with me at work so I can't detail it. But, there are two key principals:

1. Expend more calories than you take in

2. Patience. There are no quick fixes if you want to stay healthy and kep the weight off.
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how about a balance bar, some water, and some deep breaths? maybe that'll help
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'Expend more calories than you take in' is a great quote and is part of the Weight Watcher program. You can eat more by making the right choices on food, and exercising more. For example on WW

One Big Mac = 10.5 points = 2.5 hour run/bike
One small french fries (MacDonalds) = 6 points = 1.5 hr run/bike
One Beer = 2 points = 30 min run/bike
One small glass wine = 1 point = 15 min run
Tomatoes, lettuce etc = 0 points

The grilled chicken sandwich mentioned above is a good start. A grilled chicken breast with no skin is only 3 points and great source of protein. If they added mayo add another 2 points, if butter at least another 2. Get them to hold the butter and mayo and you have a healthy meal. It is the extras that make all the difference - which I think is why MacDonalds is so fattening. Watch the cheese it is 70% fat.

I found I reduced my point intake the most by cutting out butter and cheese. One of those small packs of butter that barely covers one piece of toast is 2 points. I would rather have two glasses of wine....
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Another key point - don't marry an aerobics instructor They have to take in so much fuel to keep up the teaching schedule that eating dinner with one almost every night for 12 years has a very deleterious effect.

"Well just go the the gym for 6 hours a day like me. Then you can eat anything."

Mark (LM's not-so-DH under new ID)
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HEY!!! I resemble that remark!
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Traded in the starship? Well here's an older model for the two of you: http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=11 46041922&r=0&t=0&showTutorial=0&ed=990924721&index URL=0&rd=1

Vive la difference!

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<FONT size="1">

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So Johnny Boy, It's been a week now. How's the gut removal program coming along?

Deep yogic breaths...
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there's also that procedure where they staple stuff off, glue a part here and there, little nip and tuck, maybe take a chunk of flesh from your thigh, drop it on your scalp, add water, HACK HACK HACK, bring out the ol' chainsaw, get to whittlin', presto bingo, you're The New Kid in Town. DO IT.<FONT size="1">

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ahh nice visual Ryan. Thanks for waiting until after lunch.
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Is whittlin' like chislin'? Gotta find me that tool. Don't need the hair, but blood and guts must be moisturizing, too. Taut and tight, yea-ra. No pain, no gain?


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!
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I can't STOMACH this conversation!!!!!
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Well, here is my week one progress report.

On Friday I clocked up an 8 mile run in one hour and 4 minutes. I was quite chuffed with that because it was my first run in about a year. Not bad, eh?

I've played tennis three times and been to yoga once.

I've eaten OK except a BBQ on Saturday (surely that's allowed) and hotdogs on Sunday.

I had a load of beer on Saturday but have managed to not drink at all apart from that.

I feelt a bit healthier, although that may be in the mind. Even if it is - it's a benefit! I have exams next week so have a bit of study to do, but once they're out the way I'll up the runs to one long and a couple of shorter runs every week and get back into the squash.

I am also stone broke at the moment, so when I get some money I'll be able to do a propoer shop and get al the good ingredients and foodstuffs you have all talked of.

I'll keep you posted!


Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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DB - you must have even less work to do than I do! How long did it take you to find that obscure page?

Anyway, very interesting - particularly to note that his exercises weren't that outrageous, for the most part. The runs weren't crazy, and sets of only 20 reps of certain exercises is OK.

Are protein drinks a good idea? I've never really taken an interest. Any thoughts?

Thanks anyway,

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JB, an 8 mile run in one hour and 4 minutes. Pretty impressive!
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Thanks Kima - that included a couple of "blister relief stops". Just can't afford new shoes right now!

Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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Sounds like you are doing the right thing. One piece of advice, cheaper than new sneakers...
blister free runs = smartwool socks
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Lisakaz, it sounds like you have the same fat gene that I do, that only affects the belly. I say love yourself as you are and others will love you. In fact, my wife loves my belly so much, she got one of her own!
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Ha! Well, Miles, actually I was thinking of chislin' out the burgeoning cellulite more than the belly (the latter I've had all my life, the former is a more recent acquisition). It isn't a phenomenon associated only with fat women, of course. I've seen it on men, I've seen it on me. I think it's aka being over 30.

Damn 20 year old asked me yesterday what my fitness goals were. Couldn't answer. Gotta try again: how does "I want to look good naked" sound (the Kevin Spacey line) ? Will he get the idea? Hmpf! (No, I do not want Howard Stern to critique me.)


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!

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Hah! Cellulite. That's what lamp dimmers are for!
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Forget all the nutrition mumbo-jumbo, and just ride your bike to work. I've actually increased the amount of food I've been eating, but since I started riding my bike to work 4 weeks ago (avg about 3 days/wk), I've lost 10 pounds. My spare tire is just about gone, and I have a waist and abs again. I'm down to a svelt 190!

What is that to you Aussies?? 4 Stone, 3 rocks and a pebble?

**Due to the power shortage, the light at the end of the tunnel will be turned off indefinitely.
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Actually, John H, you have it right. In a Harvard Medical school study, it was found that the most lasting gains in fitness come from lifestyle changes, vis a vis walking or riding your bike to work.
Lisakaz, 105lbs. and brilliant, and you are reducing your self worth to how much cellulite you have??? YOU DON'T NEED THAT FREAKING CELLULITE OPERATION, DAMNIT!!!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Hey LM,

Couldn't afford it, either. Have to find the cheap, non-surgical means of attacking the problem; this would be the fringe benefit of seeing that 20 year old eye candy at the gym -- keeps me going there.

Then there's hope in a bottle! (Maybe should be vodka!)


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!
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