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Rossignol Mountain Viper X 9.3

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I'm looking for information on the Rossignol Mountain Viper X 9.3, 1999 model. Does anybody know what sizes it came in, and the sidecut measurements.I'm also after a picture if possible.

Thanks alot
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I believe the last year they offered that ski was 1998. Its specs were 93/62/81 which are the same as the 9X 9.3. It ran 177 to 201 cm. Sorry I don't have a scanner to scan the magazine but the best description is retro Starsky & Hutch pimp. It had a plastic tip of yellow & black with a red R in it. Two silver VAS plates on the tip. The rest was red mixed with black & yellow mixed with black. Definitely someone was having flashbacks when they did the graphics.
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Thanks for your quick reply Rio. The're not as wide in the tip & tail as I would of thought. Can get a second hand pair here on Oz for $200 ($100 US) but I was after more of a "carve" ski.

Love your description
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When they were making the 9.3 they were also making the Viper X 9.9. Similar graphics but more side cut. They were 99/62/89. There are a few people in this forum that love the 9.9 & think it is better than the 9.3 or the Viper X 10.2 which replaced the 9.3 & 9.9.
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Yep, I love my Viper 9.9's in spite of the lurid topsheet. I lost a ski in powder a few years ago and never found it until the end of the season, and in the meantime used a pair of Viper 9.3's and the Viper X which superseded the 9.9. The 9.3 would carve fine but needed more energy input to start and finish turns and weren't stable at speed or in crud. The Viper X's were very similar to the 9.9 but had added VAS and relocated to be over each edge, which didn't seem to make any difference. I'd say the skis are worth $100 IF they have good bindings, but not for just the skis.

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They come with Rossignol FKS bindings. Are they any good?
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My son had the FKS as did many of my friends. My friends had no problem with their bindings. My son had no problem with the binding functionally, but he did end up busting them. They were mounted on his first pair of twintips and were skied & jumped on for over 70 days before they broke (my son was 18 at the time).

He ended up breaking the ski brake off the heel piece. There was a recall on those bindings for the ski brake breaking away from the heel piece causing runaway skis. I can't remember if the recall was to replace the binding or just to put a new ski brake on. I would ask about that before buying them.
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I think the viper 9.3 is an awesome all mountain ski, it has taken me everywhere i wanted to go, tight turns in the chutes to just hauling ass in Sun Valley.
Check them out with the Marker Selective control bindings!
If you have any questions feel free to mail me and maybe i can help you out.
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