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6 weeks post op appointment after ACL reconstruction

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So things are progressing but i am still having trouble getting my knee straight and bending past 110 degrees.  I have used a dynasplint and the PT has been pretty intense.  Dr. said he is not worried about range of motion and thinks it should improve in the next few weeks. 


I went to Camelback Pa last friday. It was my first day at a ski resort this year.  It was a bummer not being able to ski but was cool to see my 4 year old get lessons and skiing with my wife and father.  Can't wait until next season.


Does anyone on this site go to Vermont?  I have 3 vouchers for Pico Mountain that I obviously can not use.  I paid $39 but wouldn't mind getting $30 or best offer if anyone is interested,  I am trying to cut some of my losses. 

I was lucky to sell about 6 passes to Jack Frost Pa and used my camelback passes to get my son his lesson.  It would be huge if I could get rid of the Pico passes.

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(1) How bad was your knee injury?  ACL tear only.  Or blew it out with the unhappy triad?


(2) What kind of graft?


(3) When you say can't bend past 110 degrees, do you mean bending upwards to straighten or downwards in a curl?


(4) I had a very bad knee injury.  Much different than these ACL injuries where people could have chosen not to get surgery orare walking around a few days later.  I had hamstring graft.  I never had problem straigtening, mainly because I kept it straight the week before surgery and the week afterwards.  With the hamstring graft though, and the severity, I was a bit slow and it was painful making progress on my bend, but that will improve for sure. 


(5) They will probably take your brace away soon, if they haven't already.  Just keep at it.  My goal is skiing in 2013 and I am working hard at it too.  It is amazing the progress you will make over the next couple months. 

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1. I ruptured the ACL.  Dr. said meniscus was fine and no damage to MCL.  I did have some real bad bone bruising.


2.  I used my patella tendon.


3.  When PT and dr have me lay on my stomach and push my foot towards my back (quad stretch).


4.  Part of my problem with straightening (extension) is I walked on my toe on the injured knee for about 4 weeks until I saw the dr.  I was trying to protect my knee but in reality was making it worse by not moving and keeping it bent.  I also had awful calf pain because it was like I was doing calf raises every time I walked.


5.  I am not using the brace.  Thanks for the encouragement and I hope we both meet our goals to have a great 2013 ski season.


Where do you ski?


I generally ski Pa and make one trip to Vermont.  Boy did I miss that trip this year.  Thinking about treating myself to the rockies next year.

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I was restricted to 90* for 6 weeks after my 2nd ACL surgery b/c of extensive meniscus repair- I'm 9+ months out and have virtually full range of motion now- no problem with extension with the flexion taking just a bit more work to touch heel to ass, but no problem from a practical stand point.  Knee feels good and I will be skiing my 4th day on it tomorrow.


I would continue to work hard on both, but everyone (Drs/PTs) always said it is most important to get full extension back, so do everything your PT tells you with regard to straightening your leg religiously!


Good luck!

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