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Off season training?

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What does everyone do in the summer months to keep your legs up?

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Hike, run, bike, kayak, gym for strength, plyo (jumping up and down on box, and side to side). None of it works as well as skiing of course.

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There is no off season, just different seasons. 

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Originally Posted by kingcrab View Post

What does everyone do in the summer months to keep your legs up?

I rollerblade, bike, go to the gym, and try to carry my own bag when I play golf (as opposed to getting a cart).  I also do some light trail hiking.


I've also had Vibram five-finger shoes this winter, and have the all-terrain kind, so I plan to train my feet and leg muscles in all types of situations.


Sliding boards are good.


Skier's Edge if you have the money.


Vibrating platform macines if you have the money (or if your gym is cool enough to have one).



Squats, deadlifts, squat jumps, lunges, single-leg hops, box jumps, slalom-hops, single-leg-slalom-hops, and lunge-jumps are a good place to start.

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Ashtanga yoga, nothing compares in terms of building fitness, core strength and flexibility.

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Climb 7k'-9k' mountain passes on the road bike 3-5 times per week...


Monitor Pass October 30 2011.jpg

Our sign.jpg

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I work on my tree farm.  Lots of walking and other two footed moving around with various equipment over uneven ground.  I keep that up until Jan. 1 when I take the next 4 months off to ski.

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Thanks for that jc-ski, Sierra looks  an interesting person to follow-definitely a mountain flower.


I have begun riding my bike.  Will resume my yoga routine this week and at the end of August I will start strength training.  Although most people would say I was in good shape if they saw me in street clothes or went hiking or skinning with me; I know I need to loose 20 pounds.  So far it has proven reluctant to come off.  Will stop the beer drinking and really cut back on my carbohydrates and see if that makes more of a difference than the cycling alone has.

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I recently lost 10 pounds and have 6 to go to reach my goal.  Cutting/counting carbs has helped a lot in that endeavor.


I mostly mountain bike. IMO the best exercise for skiing because it uses the whole body (though mostly legs) and incorporates balance and tactics as well.  I used to trail run but any kind of running is out because of my arthritic knees.  Biking only hurts them if I go really hard and long.  Occasionally I will hit the gym for resistance exercise, but I need to get on a more regular schedule with that.  I tend to do more weights and core work in the fall and through the winter.  Spring, summer and early fall I am in the woods on my bike 3 - 4 times a week with a road ride thrown in every now and then. I ride for about  1 - 2 hours at my local trails after work on weekdays and go for longer excursions at different places on the weekends.

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Love getting out for a bike ride, but like Ms. Quitiquit am also a big fan of inline skating. Going down you can practice carving movements, and going up can be as much of a workout as you're willing to make it. 


Good stuff!   ;-)

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Off season, schmoff season...



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Sailing.. For some reason I've done a lot of foredeck this summer. I'm either pretty ok for an old fart, or the boat sucks... or maybe the after guard wants me far away. Weights... Lots of core work, squats, shoulder mobiltiy and strengthening, explosiveness, etc.... and now road biking again. Looking forward to being thin by fall. smile.gif
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Run 35 miles a week. Run stairs or hills 2 x a week. hope we get some snow this year

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What my knees allow. 


Which eliminates distance running. 


Most summers lot of paddleboarding, but not this one. So lot of gym work on bikes or stairmasters, leg presses, the usual upper body and core stuff, recently gotten into Bosu balls (try one legged squats round side down), wind sprints on soft surfaces like football fields or beaches, hiking when I can find something to hike, once in a while biking on local roads when I'm feeling suicidal. 

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Run up and down a ladder with a bucket of paint most days.  Mtn. bike the others.  Mtn. biking is for me the hardest exercise.


Stare at jet stream models and dream of winter on rest days.

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A bit of walking, a little tai chi and some Karate.  Usually add biking canoeing and swimming too, but not so much so far this summer season due to shoulder injury last spring.

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Because of my knees, I try to stay low impact.  In general, my routine is:


Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: 30 minutes on the rowing machine (Concept2 - nice machine), plus misc. calisthenics (push ups, sit ups, calf raises, hyperextensions, and a whole bunch of one legged squats).


Tuesday & Thursday: 30 minutes on a stationary recumbent bike, stretching, and sometimes either upper or lower body weight lifting


Saturday or Sunday: 5 to 6 hours of hiking.  I often like to hike at my favorite ski resort, Crystal Mt, and explore off-piste trails.  There are some trails I won't ski in the winter because I'm not sure of what's beyond the crest of the hill, so I explore them in the summer.

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