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Which GS cheater?

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Man, I have never had this much trouble choosing a new ski.


Trying to decide on which GS cheater to buy.  Atomic D2 Race GS, Rossignol World Cup GS Masters, Stockli Laser GS, Head iSpeed GS, Volkl Speedwall GS.


Opinions, good or bad, on any of these skis would be appreciated.  Unfortunately there is nowhere for me to demo any of these... which makes the decision even harder.



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To be honest, the only differences that count would only show up by demoing imo because they have to do with feel, weight, response, and skier style - all the intangibles that make one ski great for one person and so so for another. If you happen to be a lighter man, Dawgcatcher has reviewed at least some of these I think, the Stockli and Heads for sure. Otherwise, see what you hear here and then shop for best price. I am guessing that with the bad snow year, there will be lots of deals this month.

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