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We have just finished summer, and the highlight for us was a river surfing trip. This is a popular adventure sport in Queenstown and has more thrills than white water rafting. You are kitted up with wet suit, helmet, life jacket, flippers and an individual fibreglass seldge. Some operators use boogie boards.

After some training you are taken on the river and then down Grade 4 rapids. It was the coolest - on a raft you are top of the rapids. When river surfing you are right down in them, plus you are doing it as an individual. Lots of fun and no one has drowned yet, whereas the white water rafting has lost a few. The river surfing guys reckon it is safer than rafting because you have control in the water with your flippers and the sledge.

See for pictures.

Suggest you try it if you have a chance. You have to feel comfortable and confident in the water though or you may not enjoy it. In ou group there were 4 women and about 8 guys. I was the only woman who went back for a second run, some did not have the fitness and others did not enjoy it. This 40 something year old showed the young ones a thing or two.......