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Sunlight Mountain & Glenwood Hot Springs

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I'm flying into Vail/Eagle at the end of March with my family (wife, 3 boys 15,13&12)and have an extra night before our lodging at Copper start.  I'm considering a drive from the airport over to Glenwood Springs to experience the hot springs pool and perhaps get a first day of skiing in at Sunlight Mountain the next day.  We've never been to Glenwood Springs before and I'm wondering if people think it would be worth the small amount of extra driving to do it or if we'd be better off just driving east and spending the first night in Frisco or Dillon.

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Welcome to Epic.


Not a bad plan.  I have been to the Hot Springs once or twice (and driven by more often).  I haven`t used the spa facilities, but the main part is basically one very big hot pool that has a water slide going into it.  My daughter went with camp when she was about half the age of your boys and had fun.  I have never skied Sunlight, but friends have seemed to enjoy it.


The drive through Glenwood Canyon is very pretty, especially if the light is hitting the canyon wall right.  If you are coming from sea level, Glenwood is much lower (under 6 K, I think), so this may give you a bit more of a chance to acclimatize before heading to Copper where the base is about 9600 (or Frisco/Dillon which are 9 K).

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I think it's a great idea.  Glenwood's a really nice town and Sunlight is a good family area.

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 The hot springs pool is worth the drive.. use the bubbler chairs mounted on the pool wall.  Glenwood Canyon has a few exits where you can park and walk along the canyon, if you have time coming back from Sunlight.  Sunlight does have a good mix of terrain.  Enjoy!

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Great Idea!


My family stayed in Glenwood during the week before Christmas. Skiing during the day, then soaking in the hot springs at night is idyllic! Especially if there is a full moon/no moon at all (lots of stars)


Sunlight is a great little ski area, it can be small for more than a couple of days, but, there are challenges enough for everyone. On pow days it is incredible.


There are actually 2 immense pools at the springs, one hot and one cold. Be sure to plan a couple of hours and cycle back and forth between the two.


Across the Colorado River from the pool is the local brew pub, they have great beer. I especially like their IPA. There is an italian/pizza restaurant also across the bridge, but, on the West side of the road (other side of the road from the brew pub) that has excellent food and wine.


We stayed in West Glenwood near the "new" mall, but, you can stay at the Hot Springs Lodge which is a short walk from the pool.


If you have an extra hour or so, a short hike up to Doc Holliday's grave is fun (watch for signs as you drive through town). You can watch amazing sunsets from there!


The Village Smithy, in Carbondale, is a great place for breakfast, brunch and lunch. My favorites are the Huevos Rancheros and the Pecan Pancakes. You can even order Mimosa's or Bloody Mary's (anything you want) from 6:00AM until closing!


Hope you have a great time!

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