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Toko 2012/13 Leak

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Thought I'd share some info on the new Toko lineup.


Edge Tuner Evo - new handheld electric side edge sharpener which looks to be using sand belts - 0 to 5 degree bevels.  uugh.


Wax lineup sees some changes,  they've extended the temp ranges, presumably changed the chemcial composition, and included snow and air temps.  There's also a new addition in hf called AX 134 designed for very warm conditions.  Theres a new hot box/cleaning wax, and the NF series(was system 3)  is said to be biodegradable.


Let you all know if I test any samples.

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Looks like the e-tuner won't make it into NA markets.


Holmenkol changed their HF lineup for next year.

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Why heck, they are only $499 EUR. By my calculations that is only $675 USD! I think that I will stick with my diamond files. If I really need to change the angle, I'll go to my local shop and spend $35 on a tune and maintain the angles from there. That's a little rich for my blood.



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Deleted - duplicate post.

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