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Just in case there actually IS stoke to be had this winter...

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... I didn't see that anyone had started a stoke thread, so figured I'd throw one out there.  If I missed it, mods please combine this thread with that one.  Thanks.

I'm serious - I didn't get my first ski day this year until the end of January.  It's been that sad around here.  Right now our snowpack is at 48% of normal, which is a big step up from the collection of barely glazed rocks we had up until a few weeks ago.


If you catch it right, good skiing can still be had.  I feel for the folks who have been planning trips here and have a limited window for skiing.  The snowstorms have been pretty few and far between, which means that old tracks don't get covered quickly, non sled-accessed terrain is a real bitch to get to, and the number of days with really marginal conditions have been outnumbering the good days.


All that said - we've been really lucky with some good ski days and fairly reasonable avy conditions (so far, knock wood.)


Here are some photos from a couple of recent ski days, all taken up Lamoille Canyon.  Anything else is really a drag to get into right now.











Sue Ambrosia 2 3-7-12.jpg



Sue Ambrosia 3-7-12.jpg



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We've been getting stuff done in Colorado.  The past 3-4 weeks have actually been pretty dang good.  Of course, now the moisture maker has shut off until late next week at least.  Good thing I am headed to Washington then. Some photos from Bert last Sunday March 4th.










It's been a bad season, but it hasn't been all bad...

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Really missing that whole "fluffy" thing.  Looks like you guys are seeing some enjoyable stuff.


Hope springs eternal... the wind is howling today, perhaps it will blow a storm our way.

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Aren't the Elks in a the crosshairs of that big storm that is starting to blow through Tahoe right now?  Should be good.  Take lots of pics...

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Great shots above, glad you guys are gettin' some.


Low probability/high consequence has been the mantra around here this season, & I am not feeling lucky.  Not many low angle, unattached slopes nearby for me so I have been hangin' inbounds only this season.


This is all I got & it is more like sidecountry really:

Cat Clinic 011.JPG


Cat Clinic 013.JPG


Cat Clinic 014.JPG



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Yeah, JF, I hear you.  I have a grand total of 16 measley days this year, only four of them in the BC.  The rest have entailed a lot of driving, mostly to your neck of the woods.

Conditions in your hood are scary, to say the least.  We were at Solitude a couple of weeks ago, saw a WHOLE lot of crowns in and around Honeycomb Cyn when it started warming up in the afternoon.  I understand that it had been epic skiing (inbounds, even) a few days previous.  It was warmed-up sludge by the time we got there... still worth doing but hardly worth risking one's life for.

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Friday stoke from New Mexico:


The main entrance was a little bony:
So we used the sneak-around:
Not bad once you got into it:
Another lap, another chute:
JJ messin' around:
Steppin' it up:
Nice day in the Land of Enchantment.


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Excellent powder day here... I suck because I took a grand total of "zero" photographs.  You'll have to take my word for it.

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Just not much stoke going on this year.  Colorado has sucked no doubt.  We had about 3-4 good weeks and as soon as the snow base got to an acceptable level, the moisture maker shut off.  Looks like a pow day this weekend though.  My season would have been a bust except for a trip to one place.  That place is Stevens Pass Washington.


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