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heal lift impact

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Different ski shops have always placed heel lifts in my boots to help my foot fit the front of the boot at the point where the foot hinges forward. These heel lifts were inserted in several boots bought from different ski shops over a decade. What is the impact on skiing boots with heel lifts?  Is there another way to reduce the volume over my forefoot without raising my heel?

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There are many reasons why a fitter may use a heel lift in your boot, it can be to eliminate some of the room in the boot, especially as a boot liners pack out a fair bit, I try to avoid using them right from the start with a new set of boots as I think it is better to sell a boot that has a lower instep instead, but heel lifts are also used to compensate for restricted Dorsiflexion in a skier, the heel lift can help a person with this restriction, align their leg to match that of the rear cuff of a ski boot, without out the heel lift many with limited dorsiflexion find boots quite uncomfortable, and also tend to be back with their stance on the skis.

If it is as you say to reduce space in the area of the instep, I would try to get a different model / brand of boot.

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I second Paulski recommendation. I would not add a heel lift to take up space in a new boot. Heel lifts have many different uses with different results for different skiers. A good boot fitter will assess your bio mechanics to see if heel lifts are needed and will fit you in the proper fitting boot. If you have had good luck with the heel lifts in your new boots "keep them in "

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These were different brands of boots bought from different shops over the last decade but all had lifts. One shop said it was to allow room for my calf muscles. Another was to prevent the boot from pinching the front of my foot where it flexes forward (forefoot?) I forget why the oldest were added but when I take out the liners all three have lifts attached to the boot board. I'm at least one level better skier than I was when I bought even the newest of these boots. I still use one pair with lifts and a new pair of Full Tilts that do not have lifts. They both fit good but I was wondering what to look for in my stance and skiing if I removed the lifts from the older boots.

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Heel lifts can compensate for different boot fitting ills but in addition a sometimes unwanted effect is the change in stance which is really the most critical alteration.  Assuming you have no dorsiflexion issues raising the heel acts to increase the load on the heel and unload the ball-of-the-foot.  It changes pressure under the foot so that a more forward position is required to load the BOF.  The problem is that this position is not necessarily a balanced position and the more balanced position is actually rearward from the balanced position when the foot is flatter.  In other words it often results in a more sitting back position and many people can be moved more reliably forward by raising the toes.



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