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Utah Feb 2012

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My wife and I went on a short trip to Utah Feb 24th to the 29th.

We stayed  at Solitude aned skied there for three days with a one day side trip to Snowbasin.  We took our 9 month daughter with us and had a relative come as a babysitter.

This my wife's first time back on snow, so it was much anticipated.

The first at Solitudehad a couple of new inches of snow during the day.  not a powder day, but we had nice packed powder all day.  My wife Lia was tentative at first, but got into the groove after the third run.


The second day we went to Snowbasin.   It was sunny and nice, but no new snow.  We still found nice chalky punchable crud and was real fun.  We really like the layout of the mountain and nice long runs.


The third day was at Solitude and was the worst snow of the trip.  However, this was when my legs moving.  I skied from start to finish then got in the hot tub to find snow begin to fall. 


The fourth and final day we woke to about 7 inches of utah 5% fluff.  We were in the second chair, and did not have longer than a three person wait all day.  7 more inches fell through the day.  It may not have been the most  epic deep powder ever, but it was consitant good skiing all day with faceshots to be had and zero crowds"SOLITUDE"


Here is a little media...  I will try to see if later I can put together some worthwhile helmet cam footage.







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Looks like you had some fun and got some of the soft stuff.  Thanks for the trip review. Keep Solitude a secret.  wink.gif

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5 months later I put together some footage.  I know it is a bit long but I hope you all can enjoy some summer stoke to hold you off until it snows again.


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Wow what a great vacation. :D Utah is a very good place, I miss that place.

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Awww, shucks - that was nice, in the middle of this heat wave! Makes me want to go back there. . . today . . . Thanks for sharing!

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