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Had a great time at the 10th Annual Durango Skibike Festival March 2-4, 2012.  We then decided to hit up Tellluride on Monday.


We parked in the gondola parking garage in Mountain Village and then dropped directly onto Double Cabin and rode down to get lift tickets.  A few had to pay but I got mine for free.  Price something like $110.00 for walk-up.


As the guys put on shin guards, padding, and other armor in the parking garage, they mentioned something about big air and gnarly terrain.  I wished them well and then headed to the beginner terrain park that had decent jumps to practice on.


We rode up the Sunshine Express lift.  I headed over to the terrain park and revived my Team Bad Idea memories.  I made all the skiers and snowboarders there look bad.  They just sat and stared with dropped jaws.  I then rode away.  Didn't slide any boxes.


I rode all around the mountain but still didn't see it all.  I got lots of questions from guests and employees.  Employees, esp. Ski Patrol and Lifties, salivated all over the bikes.   We handed out tons of business cards to Telluride employees.   Looks like peg skibikes are gonna start appearing more there.  A local already makes conversions and sells them there.   We definitely got noticed all over the hill. 


One reckless snowboarder hit a group member.  She admitted it was her fault and apologized profusely.  Ski patrol came and looked after the biker.  Afterwards, the patroller said that he really wanted to try out the skibike.   Roland had to clean the drool off his skibike.


The snow was great.  A bit firm in the morning.  Nice warm sunny day.