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we skied two days at whiteface with a group that my wife knows. overall we had a great time.  here are some of the highlights.

day 1 - sunday

we had a quick breakfast at the inn b/c we thought we were running late.  we got to the lodge and it turned out we were one of the first people there from our group. we ran into a couple of peeps and then headed out around 9:30AM.

conditions were 4" fluffy and fast snow on a layer of crunchy ice with poor light. temps were in the 20's. it kept snowing just about all day. did a warmup lap of the facelift lift, and then hit up the gondola and summit areas.  it was getting pretty warm, so we dropped a layer before lunch. favorite runs of the day were upper skyward and wilderness. we didn't make it over to lookout mtn the first day.  stopped for beers at the mid-mountain lodge. the slides were closed both days we were there.

apres back at the inn included a bangin' cheese platter with red wine.  after a nice long shower, we met up with peeps at the place called the cottage; a tiny establishment located on mirror lake.  good beers and food had by all.  

day 2 - monday

the morning was a little less rushed since we already had our lift tix and meeting points/times established.  had a full irish breakfast (eggs w/ bacon, ham, sausage, potatoes, and baked tomato).  

got to the hill around 8:45ish and met up with peeps around 9:20. we did another warmup on the facelift.  we signed up for the 10AM group lessons, so we split off from the group for the morning and met up with them for lunch.  snow conditions in the morning were pretty good.  bluebird day with freshly groomed packed-powder on hard pack.  best runs of the morning included upper skyward, cloudspin, and upper mackenzie. after lunch, however, the snow got really, really, really hard and icy. iceface decided to rear it's ugly head. that was unfortunant b/c we didn't hit lookout mtn until the PM and the wilmington trail was quite slick (i was really looking forward to hitting that trail). best runs of the afternoon were had on the lower portion of the mtn (boreen and silver).   

dinner was at milano's north.  good food but bad service.  we had to repeat and clarify our order to the waitress several times, and she still got it wrong.




we stayed at the stagecoach inn, which is located on the south side of lake placid (near the US Olympic team training facility). the building dates to the 1820's and is set back off the main road.  everything at the inn is very charming and the rooms are quite comfortable.  food there is top notch. we highly recommend the stagecoach inn.


we had a great time at whiteface; meeting new people, skiing a new mountain, and chilling out.  my take on the mtn is that it is very tall, but i was suprised at how small it skis (wrt trail options, terrain funnels everything down to one spot, and the size of the base facilities); kinda felt like a small local's mountain to me. the base lodge is kind of run-down and dated.   best time to ski there seems to be in the morning.  if i go back to whiteface again, i think it would be sometime in the late spring so that there's minimal chance of skiing on ice.