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Fly tying

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I'm taking up fishing after many years of layoff, and recently took a free tying class at the local Orvis, and will be taking a free casting lesson in May.  The tying sort of intrigued me, altho I realize that I'd never break even  if I invest in equipment and supplies. Any advise on vises, tools, sources, etc?. Since I'm a skier, you'd think the last thing my credit card needs is another vice.

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Originally Posted by evansilver View Post

... Since I'm a skier, you'd think the last thing my credit card needs is another vice.

Good pun! 


Depends what you're fishing for and how much you fish, but you'll be surprised how inexpensive it can be.  Smallies, trout, stripers?  My honest advice would be to try woolly buggers for everything, first, but otherwise the local Orvis ain't a bad place to look for advice.  What you don't need is to tie, or carry, very many types of flies. 




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You can eventually break even in fly tying if you tie a lot.  For some people, that will take years.  For most people, it will take even longer.


Vises - Get a good one from the start.  Don't waste your money on a kit vise.  I am partial to Regals since I don't tie rotary style.  If I did tie rotary style, I'd get a Dyna-King.


Bobbins - I am partial to ceramic tipped bobbins.  They last longer.  The key thing is that it has to fit into the hand well.  I would buy more than one.  I keep my key color threads loaded on bobbins, so I do not have to rethread.


Scissors - Buy better quality Doctor Slick.  They last longer.  Make sure they fit well in your hands.


Materials - Whiting makes the best hackles.  Tiemco makes great hooks.  Other materials come from a handful of distributors.  Stay away from kits since the materials are usually seconds.


For other tools or confirmation on what I mentioned, see your local fly shop or Orvis.


I source my fly tying tools and materials from a local shop.


One day, you might be tying something like this:






PS: Sorry I could not resist posting the fly pic.

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^^^That's really nice.  My grandfather sent me a bunch of old Orvis fly fishing gear when I was about 12 years old.  However, I never really got in to it living in the MPLS area and OK through high school and college.  I did catch plenty of tasty drool.gifbrown trout in mountain lakes using salmon eggs though. 


So, I'll see your sweet hand tied fly and raise you some live bait tongue.gif




P.S.  I found your beers and drank them!yahoo.gif

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