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Binding/Boot Position Relationship

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How does the centre of a boot just ahead of the centre of ski position effect the ski/skiing? Looks like it is roughly a cm forward...

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Quicker turn initiation, easier to turn, works better for skiers who might sit back a little. Tiny loss of stability at speed and a touch less float (I'd say these will both be unnoticeable).


Basically slightly easier to initiate turns.

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First we should be sure we understand the center of the boot sole may or may not be the same for everyone because of boot length related to skier's foot length inside boot.  Many skiers are in boots one, two, or three shell sizes too big which will change where that foot sits inside the boot, among other issues.


Second, the "center" of the ski does not generally correlate to the mounting reference mark on the ski.


The goal is to place the skier over the sweet spot or balance point of the ski.  Each ski has a sweet spot where they turn with the least amount of effort.  Different skiers have different preferences as to where they want to be standing in relation to this sweet spot.  While a park & piper wants to be more forward over this sweet spot to aid spins and skiing fakey, it severely hinders the skiing performance of the ski and causes the skier to adjust their stance aft.  This is evident when watching most of the park n pipe guys ski with their hands by their sides and biased slightly aft over their skis.  This is the sweet spot and they must stand over it to get the optimum performance from their skis.  Conversely, powder skiers and skis many times bias their mounting points aft over the skis sweet spot to help balance the ski better in the soft powder and allow them to stand more centered rather than adjusting their balance aft to compensate for the friction caused by the soft deep snow.  Most front side skiers and racers prefer a more normal mount position which places the ball of their foot somewhere close to the center of the running surface or slightly aft.


Unfortunately, if you do not have a moveable toe and heel binding this is difficult to experiment with and you just have to make a call as to your mounting position.  I personally would not suggest mounting your binding more forward to compensate for poor technique or an aft stance.  Take a close look at the other factors in the sagittal (fore/aft) plane which may reap better rewards (ie: ramp angle (boot board), forward lean angle, delta angle (binding stand height differential)).


Remember moving the binding forward may make the ski initiate easier but there is a trade off and that is it will not finish a turn as easily.

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