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inlines skates and turning

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I'm still working on stopping but something came up as I was playing around and BobB I think just answered my question in the Wacko threads..
Bob wrote
>>>Yes--I think it is potentially enlightening to consider how roller blades must be steered through turns--actively "pointed" with the feet--yet they clearly "carve" without skidding. Steering and carving are NOT mutually exclusive!<<<

Hey BobB
Thanks. I think you just helped me solve why I keep feeling like I'm going to fall over when I tip my inlines but forget to "steer"
When I think about it I fall over but when I let my natural body instincts take over I guess I steer just like on skis.

Now all I need are lots of padded walls to help me stop...... ;P

<marquee>help_____can't stop ............<marquee>
<FONT size="1">AaaaaHHHHHHHHH</FONT><FONT size="1">

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Hey all - I've been thinking of buying some roller blades, and have zero experience with them. Are there any roller blades out there that flex and carve better than others? How about with wheels that would allow some playing on rough terrain?

I don't know enough to even know what questions to ask. But I'm interested in buying some.
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The info I can give you is Salomon in their higher end line uses bigger wheels (allow more speed/and more stable) a metal frame for wheels (more durable and if you get the Magnesium light, and rigid but don't be doing rail slides on these) and carve quite well once you figure them out. I'm still learning...
I bought the TR mag elite from the trainer line and had custom orthotics made. Now all I need to do is learn how to stop and not fall flat on my face.

I do know someone makes an off road skate. big huge knobby wheels but I wasn't interested in that part.

Search on Inline skates. I put a request like your's up when I started the search process.
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They (whoever "they" might be) make "off-road" in-line skates with wheels that are something like 5", treaded, and maybe even pneumatic.
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Yeah - I'm not really interested in cutting-edge body busting moves (Yet. Or if ever) I'm more interesting skates that have been found to be fun by other accomplished all-terrain skiers. And I dont' intend on sticking to sick backcountry descents, I'm interested in hiking trails and Mountain Bike Single track - just need enough grip to get at least brief "edge sets".

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Here's a link to one!
review by Kathie Fry, Same one you guys know?


Also for you guys that ride (board)
here's one for you. http://www.earthboards.com
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These look way cool if you are a freeheel skier with an extra 700 bucks on hand... http://www.crosskate.com/main.html
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Wow...those Crosskates look wicked cool!
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Almost, but not quite. The girl on the PSIA Nat'l D-Team is Katie Fry, not Kathy.
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Did you see the pic? I assume you have skied with her or met her?
Is Katie Fry her given name or short for Katherine >> Kathy or Katie... That's why I asked.
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Guess not. I just read the bio.
Oh well.
Hey BobB
In the sno-wonder thread it sounds like you do a lot of inline skating, Have you tried them GateSkates?
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Yeah, I saw the pic. It's not her. Her maiden name is Katie Harvey. She has an identical twin, Meagan (still Harvey). They are both cute little blondes with more energy than a Jack Russel Terrier. You can see pictures of them in Ski Mag (and maybe others) since they do a lot of the instructional articles. They are both on the D-Team.
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Well duhhhhhhh. I have a picture of Katie from her article in TPS.. Ok. I'm awake now..

Where's that 4th cup of coffee?
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in my hand.
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Put the cup on the ground, back away and no one gets hurt.....
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D-chan, I should have looked at your post before I posted my Excellent Site for Cross Training , thread. Check out http://www.suzannenottingham.com. Click on fitness education, and scroll down to the article, Inline skating for skiers.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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If you are looking for off-road skates here is one that addresses my main concern - fit. These do not fit over your shoes (which is a recipe for poor fit) and can be used on pavement or dirt roads quite well.

Warning: they are truly expert skates because they are VERY tall and the brake is activate with you foot.

Good luck and don't break anything!
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At one point (a couple of years ago?) they were offering a pro (ski instructor) discount on these - I think it was on the Coyote, but I don't remember them being made by Rollerblade. You might want to check on it

~Michelle H.~
( skiandsb@vail.net )
"Tell me I forget, teach me I remember, involve me I learn."
- Ben Franklin
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