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4FRNT YLE. What size?

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Hi everyone 

Getting a pair of YLE skis and wondering what size to get. I am 6' 1" and a bit, 180 lbs.

I like trees, so would the 187 cm be to big? would the 177 cm be more playfull? and is one obviously a better fit. Let me know thanks.

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I'm 5-11, 175 lbs.  Just made a couple runs through the trees with the YLE last Saturday.  Of all the skis I've recently demoed, this was one of my favorites in the trees.  Very quick, easy to turn, surfy.  When I got out of the trees, however, I felt it was a little short.  For me, it didn't feel super stable or great any where but making relatively short turns in the trees.  I only made a couple runs on it, so who knows.  I like my skis a little on the short side (179 cm Obsethed and 174 cm Snoop Daddies), but I think the larger YLE would still rip in the trees and give you a little bit more in the open.

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U gotta sack up and get the 187.. like it's not even a question. I'm 5'10 and maybe 165, no great
skier by any means, and the 187s are still perfect, id say a taller guy like u on the shorter length would find himself way under gunned. I say if ur gonna get a big ass ski u might as well get a BIG ass ski...

Remember it's symmetrical and essentially center mounted so u need the extra length...the rocker profile is super mellow and that's what makes it work.....with more r/camber an even longer length might have been in order

Super fun ski tho, like a sick park ski that they just blew up like a parade does anything u want
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