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Salomon bindings - Z12 Ti vs Z12 Speed

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So I recently bought a pair of Atomic Crimson Ti 171 skis, and had to get them flat cuz I couldn't find as good of a deal with the integrated bindings. I am advanced skier in WA and am 5'7'' 170 lb. I don't know alot about bindings, so when I got the skis I also purchased the Salomon Z12 Speed 90mm bindings since they had good reviews and would fit my skis. I didn't have time to bring them to the shop to get mounted before my next ski trip, so I just brought them with to Stevens Pass to have them mounted there. The guy told me that these are a demo binding and that they didn't have the correct jig.


My question is whether I should try to find a shop that has the correct jig or just save the hassle and return these bindings for the Z12 Ti bindings? I would save $60. What exactly are the differences between these two? Does the speed demo binding have a higher height off the ski?


Thanks for the help,



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Save the hassle, money and trade for the much lighter Z12 Ti's w/90mm brake. Better overall match for your 171 Crimson Ti's and your body specs. Also much easy to adjust your RAMP and CANT if necessary with Biostance products after ski testing (see below).


Just for the record, Salomon Z12 & Z14 Speed bindings weren't officially demo bindings (although they did require a different mounting jig), just an attempt by binding engineers from the Atomic side of AMER SPORTS (Atomic, Salomon, Precor, Wilson, etc.) to puff their chests and get a version of their racing products into the Salomon binding lineup. The Austrian/French internal battle is now over at Amer. Salomon binding designs and manufacturing now handle most of the bindings for both companies (except for Atomic's high-end race bindings), as well as most or all of both company's boot production. Atomic won out on the ski manufacturing side of the family.


By the way, the Salomon Z12 & Z14 Speed bindings have been dropped for next winter (2012-13), so I'd return them before the dealer decides not to take them back.



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Thank you very much for the info! I have one more quick question. Once the Z12 Ti binding is mounted on the ski, can they be adjusted 15mm in length for a different boot without having to drill new holes in the skis? I ask this because right now I am still using a pair of boots I bought used about 8 years ago. I've been trying on a few different pairs of boots at my local shop, and I think I found one that is wide enough where I can have a little shorter length. I want to be able to test it out on the slopes a few times before I commit to the shorter boot. Thanks again for the help!

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